MSU President's Column for Traill County Tribune

June 1, 2019

Newest members of the Mayville State family will be welcomed at Student Success Days

We’re super-excited about our Student Success Days summer registration sessions planned for this summer! On these days we’ll have an opportunity to better get to know our new students who will be enrolling next fall, as well as their family members who choose to join them. It will be our privilege to welcome them to Mayville State.

Morning and afternoon sessions are planned for June 7, 14, 17, and 24. In addition, there will be special sessions planned for student athletes in August. Everyone knows how quickly the summer passes, and before we know it, classes for the Fall Semester of 2019 will begin. Classes that meet at 4 p.m. or later will begin on Aug. 26. The first full day of classes is Aug. 27.

The Student Success Days schedule is packed with activities and information that will help our new students make a smooth transition to their new adventures as Mayville State University students. They’ll have an opportunity to have their student IDs created, claim their North Dakota University System accounts, and more.

One of my favorite activities during these sessions is what we call “Community of Support/Speed Networking.” It is what we could liken to a speed dating session. We gather as many MSU faculty and staff who can be available as possible in the Luckasen Room, where the employees stand in a big circle. Working in timed sessions of just a minute, each new student moves from person to person introducing him- or herself and having a short conversation. This lets the new students put faces to the services that will be important to them as students. On the flip side, the employees are able to meet the newest members of the Mayville State family, welcome them, and learn a little more about each of them.

When I’ve participated, my question to the students is, “what is the biggest factor that led you to choose Mayville State University as your college home?” The response I have gotten from nearly every student was “value and small campus size.” The biggest selling point for prospective students is the fact that they’ll get a high quality education for an extremely low cost. Students who come to us are not likely a good fit for the larger universities and appreciate our small campus.

Also during the Student Success Days sessions, new students will get set up with their Mayville State e-mail addresses and learn about the technical specifics for the laptop computers they’re required to have. They’ll be involved in academic advising sessions and learn more about financial aid. Staff representing student life, counseling, student involvement, student success/disability support services, admissions, the bookstore, and dining services will all be on hand to share information. Students and parents who wish to venture out on campus tours will be able to do so.

This is graduation time for area high school seniors. We at Mayville State wish all of the graduates the very best as they prepare to set out on new paths in life. I encourage anyone who hasn’t already chosen a place in which to pursue higher education to come and check out Mayville State. This truly is a special place, a place where you’ll get a high quality education at an affordable cost. The benefits are many, and one of the many benefits at Mayville State University is our legendary personal service. Our faculty and staff go above and beyond to make sure our students are receiving the best education, in and out of the classroom. This message came through loud and clear as Mayville State’s Class of 2019 gave their reflections on their time at MSU. Joelle Ertl, 2019 graduate who spoke during our commencement program said it very well, “I don’t know if I could ever share or put into words how deep my appreciation for Mayville State and the community that surrounds it goes. This truly is a special place to be. Thank you, Mayville State for some of the greatest and most rewarding years.”

It’s not too late to get enrolled for the Fall Semester of 2019! To find out more, go to or call us at 701-788-4842. We’re waiving the $35 application fee until June 15, so don’t delay in getting your application completed, and if you have questions, but sure to give us a call.