MSU President's column for Traill County Tribune

September 20, 2014

Mayville State’s tradition of preparing quality teachers remains a priority


Mayville State was founded in 1889 as a normal school, or teacher preparation school, and that tradition of educating teachers remains a major focus for the University today. We are fortunate to have faculty who are taking the teacher education program in new directions that will best-prepare our teacher candidates for the changing educational environments and challenges that they will face as teachers.

A current and ongoing priority for the Division of Education & Psychology is to continue to arrange exceptional clinical experiences for teacher candidates. Maintaining and/or developing strong partnerships with schools, organizations, and communities, both near and far, will enhance student learning and create opportunities for our teacher candidates to learn and practice the art of teaching in diverse environments.

One overarching goal of the teacher education program is that well-prepared Mayville State University teacher education candidates have a positive impact on P-12 student learning. This can only happen if teacher education candidates are provided with high quality instruction and other educational opportunities that support personal and professional growth. Innovative teaching practices that support research on teaching and learning are demonstrated daily by scholar practitioners dedicated to continuous program improvement.

Andi Dulski-Bucholz took over as the chair of the Division of Education & Psychology this last summer. She follows in the footsteps some very dedicated, hard-working professors who previously were in the position of chair. They helped to build the quality programs that exist today, and Andi says she’s humbled to follow them. She assumes the division chair position during a time of positive campus growth, and it is her goal to facilitate the change and growth that is occurring throughout campus, and especially within the Division of Education and Psychology. She believes in vision and action and we look forward to an exciting future within the division, and especially for the teacher education candidates who will be impacted.

Andi is beginning her fourth year as a faculty member at Mayville State University. She has an educational background in both nursing and education. After graduating from Moorhead High School (She’s a “Spud” at heart.), Andi earned an associate R.N. degree from Rochester Community College, and she later completed the B.S.N. at Moorhead State University. After a 17-year career in nursing, working in specialty areas such as neonatal ICU, labor and delivery, neurosurgery, and public health, Andi attended Concordia College, where she earned certification for licensure in elementary education, middle school science, and early childhood education. She earned a master’s degree, with a focus on quality schools, from Graceland University in 2008, and in 2013, she earned a Ph.D. from Capella University.

Dulski-Bucholz says she feels fortunate to be surrounded by caring, committed professionals at Mayville State. “There are supports in place throughout campus that provide students with a solid educational experience that enhances our work in the teacher education program. The atmosphere of support and sense of community created by the strong relationships between community members, administration, faculty, and students was evident when I first came to Mayville State University. This continues to be something that is of great value to me both professionally and personally,” she said.

The future of the Division of Education and Psychology is bright with new course and degree offerings and new learning experiences that will expand opportunities for Mayville State University graduates. Mayville State University’s teacher education program will continue to be recognized as a leader among teacher preparation programs throughout the region by demonstrating a commitment to quality programming and high standards.