court_musical_director.jpgsteward.jpggirls.jpgsalsbury_singers.jpgflemish_flutes.jpgThe holiday season was kicked off in Renaissance style when the Mayville State University Music Department presented their madrigal feast. The feast was held on two evenings, Friday, Dec. 6 and Saturday, Dec. 7, 2013. Each evening, the event featured entertainment by the Flemish Flutes, the Salsbury Singers, and Wellington Winds. A social began at 5:30 p.m. inMayvilleState’s Campus Center Foyer. This was followed by dinner at 6:00 p.m. in the Campus Center Luckasen Room.

The public was invited to attend this special evening of Renaissance dining and entertainment. The 96 seats available were sold out on both evenings. The madrigal feast is sponsored every-other year by the Mayville State University Music Department, with assistance from the MSU Foundation.

Main cast members for the MSU Music Department madrigal feast were as follows:

Lord Phillip of Nottingham - Robert Sylskar, Mayville, N.D.; Lady Barbara of Nottingham - Teresa Agnes, Portland, N.D.; Steward - Robert Meiss, Portland, N.D.; Court Musician - Greta Paschke, Mayville, N.D.; Court Musical Director - Michael Bakken, Mayville N.D.; Lord Berkshire - Jeffrey Jones, Langdon, N.D.; Lord Easterly - Jeremy Ust, Clifford, N.D.; Lord Gloucester - Ross Blilie, Fargo, N.D.; Lord Randolph - Taylor Olson, Mayville, N.D.; Lord Billingsley - Gareth Hanson, Enderlin, N.D.; and Lord Huckley - Kyle Mehus, Finley, N.D.

Madrigal Singers:

Chris Adam, Kristen Azzato, Allie Beneda, Taylor Benneweis, Andrew Berge, Ross Blielie, Jon Brenden, Kyla Bugner, Elizabeth Cakebread, Rebecca Cakebread, Alia Cota, Shelby DeLisle, Allyson Durkin, Amanda Evans, Taylor Everson, Laura Ewert, Jadeyn Feuillerat, Taylor Fleming, Riley Francis, Miranda Frovarp, Stephanie Frovarp, Leslie Funk, Kim Gundu, Gareth Hanson, Drew Harpestad, Bailey Haugen, Shaleen Helmer, Charyte Henderson, Dane Henke, Ashton Horn, Caitlin Johnson, Jeff Jones, Grace Keller, Beth Knecht, Chelsea Knecht, Joey Kubal, Emily Laturnus, Megan Lauinger, Andra Lenz, Tisha Lopez, Kayla Lundon, Aubrey Moen, Aloria Nelson, Steed Nelson, Erin Olson, Taylor Olson, Adam Overmoe, Shayna Phelps, Alyssa Prochnow, Eleni Pruneda, Nisa Rajput, Niralee Ranchod, Eric Ricard, Courtney Savage, Hannah Smith, Kjersten Storey, Victoria Thoreson, Hunter Torgeson, Kelsey Tretter, Emma Tyndall, Haley Ulland, Jeremy Ust, Kayla Vidas, Heather Wilson, Stephany Wold, Briana Wollan, and Krista Zidon.

The Wellington Winds (instrumental musicians):

Emma Grant, flute; Victoria Post, flute; Hannah Ness, clarinet; Remington Werner, clarinet; Michael Voller, alto saxophone; Haley Ulland, tenor saxophone; Elizabeth Cakebread, trumpet; Alyssa Prochnow, trumpet; Rebecca Cakebread, trumpet; and Allie Beneda, bass.

The Flemish Flutes:

Emma Grant, West Fargo, N.D.; Emma Tyndall, Cando, N.D.; Patricia Lopez, Clarissa, Minn.; and Victoria Post, Hico, Texas.

Salsbury Singers:

Shaleen Helmer, Hannaford, N.D.; and Haley Ulland, Minto, N.D.


Photos by Ron Jacobson.

Top: MSU Music Director Mike Bakken (center), the court director, leads the Madrigal singers in song.

#2: Steward (Robert Miess, pictured on the left) announces the rules of etiquette to dinner guests while Lord Phillip Nottingham (Robert Sylskar, center) and Lady Barbara of Nottingham (Teresa Agnes) look on.

#3: Members of the Madrigal Singers took time out for a photo. Pictured from left to right are Nirale Ranchod, Harare, Zimbabwe; Nisa Rajput, Harare, Zimbabwe; Kim Gundu, Glendale, Ariz.; and Taylor Everson, Hannaford, N.D..

#4: The Salsbury Singers, Haley Ulland (left) and Shaleen Helmer (right), entertained guests prior to the beginning of the dinner.

#5: Members of the Flemish Flutes group provided pre-dinner musical entertainment. Pictured from left to right are Victoria Post, Tisha Lopez, Emma Tyndall, and Emma Grant.