President's Column for Traill County Tribune

March 16, 2013

Mayville State to highlight STEM at Legislative Showcase


Mayville State University will be among North Dakota’s eleven public colleges and universities present at a public showcase that will be held in the North Dakota Capitol Memorial Hall in Bismarck on Wed., March 20, 2013. Other higher education-related entities will also be represented at the event.

Each of the participating entities will provide displays highlighting some of the high quality academic experiences and innovative new ventures taking place on the campuses, demonstrating the strengths of the each of the campuses, as well as the North Dakota University System as a whole. The overall theme for the showcase is “Pathways to Student Success.” Mayville State’s booth will focus on what Mayville State has to offer in general, and highlight the impact the University makes through its Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) initiative.

Mayville State is addressing critical needs for North Dakota and our nation through its STEM initiatives. In order for the U.S. to remain a leader in global innovation, a larger percentage of its students must become excited about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics concepts before they graduate from high school. Mayville State is embracing STEM within the teacher education program, providing STEM workshops and activities for area preschool - grade 12 teachers and students.

In addition to having access to informational items, those who visit Mayville State’s booth at the showcase will have an opportunity to experience first-hand the iPads and applications used by students and teachers when participating in Mayville State’s STEM activities. We’ll also have Mayville State’s new website and compelling video testimonials from Mayville State graduates featured on a notebook computer like those issued to Mayville State’s students and faculty.

The highlighted activity at Mayville State’s booth will be the opportunity to work through a typical STEM problem using one of the Mayville State STEM electrical circuit kits and applying the engineering design process. When a person who has stopped at the booth solves the problem, he or she will be able to take away a coaster with the engineering design process printed on it.  

Mayville State’s display at the showcase will also provide information in general about programs and opportunities available at Mayville State University. Mayville State plays a significant role in a positive future for North Dakota, and we are excited about the opportunity to showcase the great things we’re doing. Through our many collaborations and partnerships with preschool – grade 12 education, other institutions of higher education, human services and other entities; as well as distance education capabilities, we are able to have a greater impact. It is our privilege to provide services for students on our campus, and for the people in our community and area, as well as in the state of North Dakota and beyond.

Personnel who will attend the showcase on behalf of Mayville State include Beth Cakebread, a Mayville State mathematics education and composite chemistry education senior, and Ryan Ness, a Mayville State biology major who is a freshman. Director of Enrollment Services Jim Morowski, Vice President for Academic Affairs Keith Stenehjem, and Director of Marketing and Public Relations Beth Swenson will also represent Mayville State at the showcase. Mayville State Instructor in Music and Science Greta Paschke will also attend the showcase, as a representative of the Council of College Faculties.

We are excited about the opportunity to showcase the great things happening at Mayville State with the legislators and others in Bismarck. We have much for which to be proud and we look forward to sharing our good news with others.