Odden, Kelli 1.jpgAugust 28, 2020

Dr. Kellli Odden, associate professor of education, has been named the first-ever recipient of the Jeff Sieg Award for Teaching Excellence at Mayville State University. The award was presented as part of the opening of the year activities for faculty and staff held in conjunction with the president’s annual state of the university address on Thursday, Aug. 20, 2020.

“I congratulate Dr. Kelli Odden and all nominees,” said Simon Barker, president of Mayville State’s Student Senate. “As a student body, we are very proud to have such outstanding faculty members who go above and beyond what is required of them. Even though it was difficult, Mayville State faculty members stepped up to accommodate their students to the best of their abilities when all classes were moved to online delivery last spring.”

Formerly known as the Teacher of the Year Award, the Jeff Sieg Award for Teaching Excellence was named in honor of former Mayville State professor of science Jeff Sieg, who passed away unexpectedly in the fall of 2019. Sieg was a beloved faculty member who was named teacher of the year at Mayville State on multiple occasions.

Other nominees for the 2019-20 teacher of the year award were Dr. Brittany Hagen, Dr. Pam Johnson, Dustin Olson, Mary Townsend, Fred Strand, Jeff Hovde, and Dr. Thomas Craig.

As the 2018-20 recipient of the award, Dr. Odden has received an engraved plaque acknowledging this honor. Her name will also be added to a plaque recognizing all teacher of the year award recipients that is displayed in the Mayville State University Campus Center.