December 5, 2018

Lynnette Huot, Grand Forks, N.D., is the Director of Quality and Patient Safety at Altru Health System. In this role, she leads the quality and safety team in quality improvement, patient safety, infection control, research, peer review, and the institutional review board. Earning her bachelor’s degree in nursing from Mayville State in May of 2016 helped pave the way to advancement in the field of nursing and to secure this position. She had previously been manager of Clinic Operations at Altru.

Huot, who was enrolled in Mayville State’s RN-to-BSN nursing program, says that many of the classes she took helped her to formulate what she wanted to focus on in the future. She didn’t think she would like the research and statistics course, but after taking it, she believes it assisted her as she changed paths in her career.

“Being able to come to work every day and love what I do and see improvement in the quality of care and safety of our patients is extremely rewarding,” Huot said.

Huot was able to continue working full time at Altru while she was attending school and she appreciated the fact that the majority of the nursing courses were in five-week blocks. All coursework was online, with the exception of 40 hours of required clinicals.

“Since I was an older than average student, I needed to take several essential studies classes. Many of the essential studies credits I already had were not semester credits, but quarter credits, so they didn’t apply to my new degree. All of the required additional classes were available online and fit in nicely with the nursing program,” said Huot.

Lynette was very pleased with the faculty in the Mayville State RN-to-BSN nursing program. She found them to be extremely knowledgeable, professional, and readily available whenever questions arose.

Reflecting on the experience, she said, “It never felt like it was an online programs, as the instructors always made sure they were available for assistance. I am extremely grateful for the guidance they provided every time I felt like I had hit a road block with an assignment, and the understanding that was provided as the unexpected life challenges came my way.”

Lynette is satisfied with her Mayville State experience and happy that she chose to enroll in the Mayville State program. “I had looked at many programs over the years, and in the end, I believe this was the best fit for me. Although it was online, I was able to develop relationships not only with my instructors, but with my classmates as well.”

Huot is now pursuing a master’s degree in nursing. She has always believed in lifelong learning, and feels this is just the next step in her nursing journey.

Affordable Colleges Online (AC Online) has recently ranked Mayville State University’s RN-to-BSN program as one of 50 of the best online RN-to-BSN programs in the country. Applications for Mayville State’s RN-to-BSN nursing program are currently being accepted for the spring semester. For more information, call 701-788-5289 or go to