MSU President's Column for Traill County Tribune

October 5, 2019 

Hosting Marketplace for Kids gives MSU the opportunity to touch the future and collaborate with K-12

We are very excited about the opportunity to host an Education Day for Marketplace for Kids at Mayville State University on Oct. 16. Third through eighth graders from area schools have been invited to take part in a great event where they can attend short, hands-on classes/activities designed to explore career fields, personal development, financial literacy, leadership skills, and new technology. They will also discover entrepreneurship and have the opportunity to network with others. Students, teachers, and parents will be able to meet other students, teachers, and business and community leaders and learn how they can collaborate to make their communities brighter. The entrepreneurs of tomorrow are in our schools today!

Classes will include options in the areas of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics), as well as many of the trades and careers on wheels. Entrepreneurship is at the core of each Education Day. Local businesses leaders will provide insight about their paths to self-employment with the goal of inspiring students to consider being their own bosses. Students will also have the opportunity to create their own business ideas through hands-on projects that are showcased.

Students will explore the “Hall of Great Ideas,” where students will display projects they’ve created using their 21st century learning skills of collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking. The sights and sounds of innovation will fill the hall. Students are encouraged to, but are not required, to create a project to showcase in the “Hall of Great Ideas.”

Marketplace for Kids recognizes the importance of innovation and education across North Dakota’s many career fields and the organization believes it is crucial to expose our youth to potential careers and entrepreneurial opportunities right in their own back yards. Other locations for Marketplace for Kids events during this school year are Minot State University, Dickinson State University, Dakota College at Bottineau, Williston State College, Cavalier/Grafton Public Schools, University of Jamestown and James Valley CTC, Microsoft in Fargo, North Dakota State College of Science, Bismarck Heritage Center and the state Capitol building, and Bowman Public Schools.

When thinking about Marketplace for Kids, I cannot help but reflect on the remarks that Rikka (Fugleberg) Brandon, 2000 Mayville State graduate, made during a luncheon held on the day of my inauguration. Rikka, who grew up on a farm outside of Portland, talked about what an impact Mayville State University had on her throughout her life. She was able to be on campus to experience basketball camps, college for kids, swimming lessons, and more. These childhood experiences did more than just provide fun learning activities, they underscored the important role a college education plays in a person’s success in life.

Rikka has become a very successful business owner and entrepreneur. She is a recruiter of employees, author, and speaker, and is the founder of Building Gurus,, and, and the creator of popular programs like Hire Power, In-House Headhunter, and Hiring Mentor. Rikka has spent her career helping companies find and hire the talent they need to achieve their goals, and we couldn’t be more Comet Proud of her!

Rikka has this to say about Marketplace for Kids, “Marketplace for Kids offers a chance for area elementary and junior high kids to get a taste of what their futures hold. Not only can they experience what a university looks like, they’re being exposed to multiple career paths, professional development, and financial literacy. The kids will have a great time, not even realizing the seeds for their future that are being planted by the new experiences and information.”  

It is our privilege to touch the future by hosting events and providing opportunities for young people to spend time on the Mayville State campus. I look forward the buzz of activity that will no doubt overtake the campus on Oct. 16 as the entrepreneurs and leaders of the future experience Marketplace for Kids and Mayville State University. I can almost hear the wheels spinning already!