August 6, 2020

All students who will be studying on the Mayville State campus are strongly encouraged to test for COVID-19 approximately five days prior to arriving on campus for the fall semester. This is the best thing students can do right now to stop the spread of the virus. In many cases, young adults are asymptomatic, not even knowing they are carrying the virus.

To make this easy, the North Dakota Department of Health is offering free, convenient test sites throughout the state for all college-bound students in North Dakota. As best as possible, students should take the COVID-19 test approximately five days before leaving home. The Department of Health will provide the test results within 2-3 days and students will know they are healthy as they leave home and head to campus.

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Students who live out of state should consult their own public health departments to find free testing sites in their region prior to leaving for campus.

Mayville State student athletes must follow the guidelines regarding COVID-19 testing established by the NAIA. Coaches will inform their athletes of specific information regarding testing.

All Mayville State faculty and staff are strongly encouraged to test for COVID-19, as well. 

Mayville State has teamed up with the Traill District Health Unit and the North Dakota National Guard to offer several testing events on the Mayville State University campus, Aug. 12-24. These tests are being offered free of charge.

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