MSU President's Column for Traill County Tribune

September 5, 2020 

Community support recognized and valued by Mayville State students

Kohls Frederick Lindsey.jpgWe couldn’t be happier about how the fall semester has started out. Students, faculty, and staff are settling in to learn and grow, experiencing college life in the “new normal.” Things are different from what we have known, but everyone is adjusting well and following the guidelines that will help to keep us safe and healthy.

As I always say, Mayville State is all about the people. Our students are at the heart of what makes Mayville State University special, and I want to take this opportunity to introduce you to a group of student athletes who exemplify what Mayville State means.

Kylee Heurung is a senior from Brainerd, Minn. She is pursuing a major in physical education and minor in health, DAPE, and coaching. Kylee plays basketball for the Comets.

Stanley Lindsey is a junior from Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. He is a junior who is pursuing a major in sports management. Stanley is a member of the Comets football team.

Julia Kohls is a sophomore from Mayville. She is pursuing a major in allied health and a minor in fitness and wellness, and she plays volleyball at MSU.

Darrick Frederick is a freshman from Turtle Mountain, N.D. He is looking at pursing a major in biology and plays football at MSU. Both he and Julia hope to pursue careers in physical therapy.

Whether they’ve been around for a while or have only spent a few weeks at Mayville State, all of these students have warm feelings about the Mayville-Portland and Traill County community. Darrick comes from a place that is smaller than May-Port and feels like being in this community is a better fit than some place larger. Stanley comes from a large metropolitan area and thinks that this community is comfortable. Community members are welcoming and their support for Mayville State is not only evident, but well-known by student athletes. In fact, the Mayville-Portland community is one of the reasons Kylee chose to study at Mayville State.

On the topic of Mayville State itself, Julia really likes the small class sizes and that fact that administrators are visible and involved on campus. Stanley loves the family environment at MSU. He never feels left out and there’s no bullying. Kylee appreciates that she is getting to play the sport she loves while earning the degree she desires. Darrick says the small-town support reminds him of home and how everyone helps one another. He’s having fun and feels like being on a small campus makes it easier to meet more people.

When asked about giving back in appreciation for the education and experiences they’ve had while Mayville State students, these students have a variety of thoughts, including scholarship support, participating in alumni events, and helping future student athletes by mentoring and coaching them.

While Mayville State has many qualities that make it a special place, one of those extraordinary attributes is the community. It is very evident that the members of the Mayville State family very much value the people of the community at large. The kindness of our community shines and makes a difference for the university itself, but more importantly for our students as individuals. Thank you to all who help to make Mayville State the college of choice for students like Julia, Stanley, Darrick, and Kylee. You are truly appreciated.

Photo caption: While they may be covered by masks, the smiles of these outstanding Mayville State students brighten the halls, classrooms, and athletic courts and fields at Mayville State on a daily basis. Pictured on top is Julia Kohls, Darrick Frederick is on the next level, and Stanley Lindsey is at the bottom. Kylee Heurung was not available for the photo.