The 32-year-old of West Fargo, is currently enrolled in the Distance Learning program at Mayville State University.  Kerri Gortmaker is studying Business Administration and is set to graduate in December 2019.


Gortmaker wanted to advance her career after receiving her Associate of Applied Science degree in Business nearly 10 years ago at NDSCS.  “The resources are unlimited and the staff at MSU are phenomenal if you do have questions while working online,” said Gortmaker. 

Online learning has been the best option for Gortmaker, “I work full time and am involved in many activities outside of work, I needed the flexibility.  I can study and do my work on my schedule without ever missing a lecture!” 

Gortmaker said one of the most important assets of being an online student is the overall communication with professors.  “If I have work commitment where I will be out of town, I am sure to communicate this with them well in advance so we can work around it ahead of time instead of last minute.”

“Don’t be afraid of the online format,” Gortmaker said. “Find what works for you.  Don’t take so many classes that you don’t have time to put 100% into your school work, your job, and yourself.”  

Gortmaker is optimistic about the future, “I will continue to work in my career as I am now and will potentially work towards my master’s degree!”  At Mayville State University, we strive to provide supportive, individually focused online learning environments to all of our online students.

Mayville State University has been recognized as one of the Most Affordable Online Universities in the nation by the Community for Accredited Online Schools and College Atlas.  Offering online degrees such as Early Childhood Education, Mathematics Education, Mathematics, RN to BSN, and Special Education

Your success is closer than you think at Mayville State University.