Room & Board

2019-2020 Housing Rates 


annual cost (1)

fall 2019  (2)

spring 2020

“A Rate” –

    • Berg 2nd Floor
    • Birkelo Standard Room
    • Birkelo Oversized Triple with 3 occupants

(all non-AC, all have community bathroom)







A Rate Double-as-a-Single (3)




“B Rate” –

    Berg 1st Floor

 (either a suite-style four-person or a room with airconditioning on a floor with a community bathroom)







B Rate Double-as-a-Single (3)







(C) Agassiz Hall – Suite

    (2 people in bdrm, 2 bdrms + bath + living room, so 4 person suite, with AC)




(D) Agassiz Hall – Suite w Kitchenette

    (2 people in bdrm, 2 bdrms + bath + living room, so 4 person suite, with AC) (5)




 Agassiz Double-as-a-Single (4)




(1)      State Board of Higher Education approves annual rate.
(2)      Fall Price. Prepayments taken at the time of application will reduce the posted value on a student’s Campus Connection financial account.
(3)      Double-as-a-Single rooms are rare and limited. As of April 15, 2019, there are no remaining double-as-a-single rooms available for the fall 2019 semester. However, these do sometimes become available at the semester break.
(4)      Extra special rare in Agassiz Hall
(5)      Approved rate for MMA Family Apartments
RHA Fee: $14 ea. semester. Residence Hall Association is a policy and programming org for the residence halls.

For questions about Room contract, please contact: Jeffrey Powell, Director of Student Life
Campus Center 103


2019-2020 Dining/Board Plan Rates

MSU Dining Services offers a variety of meals and "grab-and-go" items, cooked fresh throughout the day. Students purchase a plan that creates a declining balance account that is accessed by the student's ID card. 

Approximate meal values



 7 - 8 meals per week

(#F)  $1500/semester


approx 14 meals per week



off campus only students



(#F) -- Default plan for students in Residence Halls. 

Stored value dollars can be used in the Dining Room from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm on class days. Shorter hours are used on non-class days. Dollars can be can be added to a student's account through the card vendor's website. 

Students or others present their ID card to pay by items on their tray based on the food they select. 

Student who purchase the $2250 level qualify for double-portion servings of hotdish or homecook-line items, and will pay 150% of the price for the item. That's buy-one-get-one-at-half-price (BOGO) for our best meal items. 

For questions about your board contract, please contact: Bryan H Karolus, Food Service Director
Mayville State University
Campus Center 


Signing Up/Modifying Plans

Students should apply for housing or for Exemption from Housing Requirement, and should select their meal plan, through the housing portal. Use this link then use your regular Campus Connection credentials to log in.