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IMG_7268.jpgMayville State University students have the exciting opportunity to study at the American College of Norway (ACN), a small institution located south of the national capital, Oslo, in the town of Moss. Norway is a modern, exciting place. With cutting edge technology and old world charm, it’s the perfect place to experience the past and the future. 

Students from all over the world attend ACN , making it a perfect low-stress international experience. All courses are taught in English, primarily by American university professors and they fulfill Mayville State’s essential studies requirements. In addition, students who study at ACN may transfer to Mayville State, so there is possibility for Mayville State students to continue their international friendships, even after their semester at ACN has concluded.


ACN is located in Moss, a charming, friendly coastal town located on the Oslo Fjord with all the benefits of a large city, but with a small-town feel. Moss has approximately 30,000 inhabitants and in the neighboring municipalities there are 25,000 people who use Moss for shopping and leisure activities. Within walking distance from the campus you will find art galleries, a modern shopping mall, grocery stores, restaurants, cafes, bakeries, hiking trails, parks, a movie theater and a library.

Click here to learn more about Moss and the Østfold region.

There are two airports (Oslo Gardermoen and Torp Sandefjord) near Moss that offer regular, inexpensive flights to cities all over Europe. The Moss train station is within walking distance from campus and has connections to cities in Norway, Sweden and beyond.

Travel is encouraged, so take advantage of your three-day weekends and get out and explore!




Living on campus is a big part of the ACN experience. The newly renovated and modern student residence halls are located just minutes from the school. The dorms have two bedrooms and shared common areas. All apartments have their own kitchen with a small dining area, entry way and a bathroom. Each bathroom has individual washing machines. Every campus kitchen is equipped with a refrigerator/freezer unit and an oven. The bedrooms are furnished with a bed, pillow and comforter, desk, chair and a closet.

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The Student Activities Center is located right next to the dorms and is equipped with a movie room, communal kitchen, board games, pool and Ping-Pong tables and comfy couches. Students have 24 hour access to this center and it has free Wi-Fi.

During our welcome activities and throughout the year, students can enjoy paintball, BBQ's, movie marathons, Homecoming Week, Halloween, Thanksgiving, ice skating, bowling, Spring Formal and much more! Additionally, if you are looking to get involved on campus, students are offered the opportunity to join ACN's Peace Committee, Activities Committee and Yearbook Committee. Students can also get involved in other committees and organizations both on and off campus.

To learn more about ACN, you can read several articles in English on our blog!

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* approximate with current values and exchange rates

Click here to see the Student Handbook of the American College of Norway.

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Funding Options 

  • MSU financial aid process
  • MSU scholarships
  • Support from family and friends
  • Work savings

More Information 

For more information on the American College of Norway, go to To discuss the Mayville State study abroad program, you may contact Amy Fuglestad at: