Just for you: Comet Cash!

What is it?
Comet Cash is a prepaid option for your convenience. Your ID card acts as you're declining Comet Cash Card.

When can I use my Comet Cash?
You can use your Comet Cash anytime at the Bookstore, Snack Bar or the Cafeteria. It is so convenient you don't need to have a check or cash with you, just your ID Card.

What does it cost?
Here's how it works: If you pay $100.00, you have $100.00 to spend. You are not charged sales tax when you buy the Comet Cash, only when you use your card. But here's a perk: we included an extra 10% of "free cash" on your card, so you really have $110.00 to spend!

How do I get Comet Cash?
Go to the Dining Services Office and visit with Gail. You will pay her for the Comet Cash. At that time, you will specify if you want to use it at the dining services, bookstore or both.

Who can use Comet Cash?
Anyone who has a valid Mayville State University ID card can use Comet Cash. This includes all employees and students.

What do I do if I run out of Comet Cash?
Go to the Dining Services office and you can add dollars at anytime. At $50.00 there is 5% percent "free cash" included. For amounts less than $50.00 you will NOT receive any free cash on your card. There is a minimum amount of $25.00.

If you have any questions, please visit the Dining Services Office in the Campus Center.