Mini-Grant Award List


Excellence in teaching and learning, enhanced by a deep commitment to our own brand of personal service, is the heart and soul of MSU.

Completed project pages are linked below. 



Award Amount

Portable document camera for recording lectures.

Jeff Hovde


Training for Unmanned Aerial Systems

Aaron Kingsbury


To fund NACADA academic advising webinars on a regular basis to MSU faculty and staff.

Teri Wright


Education Transfer Student Information Module

Kayla Smith


Funds to create a YouTube channel that addresses MLA/APA documentation issues.

Erin Lord Kunz


Video Conferencing Classroom equipment

Rhonda Nelson

Gene Levitt

Donna Gutschmidt

Dustin Olson

Robert Johnston

Ted Stoa

Bob Tangsrud


Comprehensive onboarding course for new faculty teaching online at MSU.

Tami Such

Collette Christoffers

Lindsay Bontjes

Monica Ptacek



Universal Design for Learning course sponsored by


Chris Gonnella