hagens_and_larson_-_web.jpgBronze_leve_-_webl.jpgThe seventh annual MSU Foundation Honor Society President’s Dinner was held Saturday evening, Nov. 16, 2013, on the campus of Mayville State University. The event is held each year to recognize and thank members of the MSU Foundation Honor Society for their support for Mayville State University. Honor Society members have contributed a total of $10,000 or more to Mayville State.

The MSU Foundation board members and staff, together with Mayville State University President Dr. Gary Hagen and his wife Debbie hosted the evening event, which began with a social at the newly renovated Edson and Margaret Larson Alumni and Leadership Center. While the building is not yet officially open, renovation is nearly complete, and the occasion gave the opportunity for Mayville State supporters to see how far the project has progressed. The evening concluded with dinner and a program, which was held at the MSU Campus Center Luckasen Room.

Bell State Bank & Trust of Fargo, the first-ever event sponsor, supported the event for a second-straight year with their financial contribution. Several Bell State representatives were among the more than 100 people who attended the Nov. 16 dinner.

The MSU Foundation Honor Society recognizes those who have made cumulative financial contributions of $10,000 or more to Mayville State University through the MSU Foundation. The group is organized into clubs based on various giving levels. The Bronze Club includes donors of $10,000-$24,999; the Silver Club, donors of $25,000-$49,999; the Gold Club, donors of $50,000-$99,999; the Platinum Club, donors of $100,000-$249,999; the Diamond Club, donors of $250,000-$499,999; the Ambassador Club, donors of $500,000-$749,999; the Legacy Club, donors of $750,000-$999,999; and the Founder, donors of $1,000,000 and more. The Honor Society roll currently includes 181 benefactors, including individuals, couples, businesses, and other organizations.

The program included student reflections from Patricia Lopez, an English education major from Clarissa, Minn. Patricia shared her feelings about how her decision to become a student at Mayville State has impacted her life, and how receiving scholarships has helped to make the wonderful experiences she’s enjoying possible. On behalf of all Mayville State student scholarship recipients, she thanked Honor Society members for their support.

terry_bachmeier__-_web.jpgDuring the evening, 15 new Honor Society members and six current Honor Society members who have reached greater levels of support during the past year were recognized. In addition, the Outstanding Philanthropist Award was presented to Terry Bachmeier from Mesa, Ariz.  

Terry Bachmeier, a Mayville native, is the son of Tom and Bernell Bachmeier. Tom was a member of the education and psychology faculty at Mayville State University from 1959 to 1987. He was granted the distinction of Professor of Emeritus of Education from Mayville State University in 1995. Tom passed away in 2002, and Bernell currently resides in Grand Forks, N.D.

Terry has created a philanthropic tradition to honor his parents and his family, and has always stepped to the plate to help Mayville State University in any way that he can. He has been an outstanding volunteer and a key supporter of the Traill County/MSU Luncheon held in Mesa, Ariz. each February. He has paid the way for several students attending the annual MSU Foundation luncheon to honor scholarship recipients. Terry has spearheaded efforts to start several named scholarships at Mayville State. He is a member of the Platinum Club of the MSU Honor Society, and in general, displays a truly unconditional, altruistic giving spirit. A leader by example, he became a member of the MSU Foundation Board of Trustees in July of 2011.

In honoring Terry for his generosity and commitment to Mayville State, Bell State Bank & Trust made a $1,000 contribution to the MSU Foundation in Terry’s name through their event sponsorship.

DECA_at_Larson_-_web.jpg“The Honor Society President’s Dinner provided a wonderful opportunity to thank our many friends and alumni for their loyal and generous support for Mayville State University in a beautiful setting,” said MSU Director of Development John J. Klocke. “It was thrilling to welcome our guests to their new ‘home’ on campus, the Larson Alumni and Leadership Center. We are truly grateful to all who are helping to make great things happen at Mayville State, and our Honor Society members are leading the way through their support. We can’t thank them enough.”

For more information about the MSU Foundation Honor Society, contact John J. Klocke at 701-788-4787 or john.j.klocke@mayvillestate.edu.


Top Left: Those pictured are among the newest members of the Bronze Club of the MSU Foundation Honor Society. Members at this level have made cumulative financial contributions of $10,000 to $24,999 to Mayville State University through the MSU Foundation. Pictured from left to right are MSU President Dr. Gary Hagen; Neal and Gaylene Johnson, representing Agassiz Drain Tile; Annette and Mike Bakken; Clark and Pam Soholt; James and Rhonda Nelson; MSU Foundation Board of Trustees President Jon Ewen; and Julie Garrett.

Top Right: Margaret Larson (center) attended the Honor Society President’s Dinner and was recognized for the contributions of the Edson and Margaret Larson Foundation. A gift of $340,000 from the Larson Foundation in the fall of 2012 finished the MSU Foundation campaign to save historic Northwest Hall and turn it into a first-class alumni center, which is now known as the Edson and Margaret Larson Alumni and Leadership Center. The Larson Foundation is also funding a student leadership program at Mayville State University. Margaret is photographed with MSU President Hagen (right) and his wife, Debbie (left).

Center Right: Terry Bachmeier gave a few remarks after he’d been introduced as this year’s Outstanding Philanthropist Award winner. A native of Mayville, Bachmeier has been very generous in his support for Mayville State University.

Bottom Right: Members of Mayville State’s Collegiate DECA chapter assisted throughout the evening in various ways, including by providing wait service at the dinner. Pictured from left to right are some of the students who helped out during the social held at the Larson Center: Josh Seminario, Wesley Bernier, Nicole Meyer, advisor Dustin Olson, Jabriel Jordan, and Laura Ewert.