About MSU

We develop better leaders. One person at a time.

We're here to give students who may not otherwise have a chance the chance to prove themselves. College is often the difference between dreaming and doing. And at Mayville State University, we believe that every student—whether they're coming from high school or attempting to climb higher on the corporate ladder—deserves the opportunity to be his or her best. We give them that opportunity, supporting them with experienced and compassionate faculty, the latest learning environments, and a welcoming atmosphere that encourages self-expression and educational exploration.

We're here to prepare young minds for any career they may imagine—including careers that don't yet exist. We were the nation's first tablet PC university; everyone here gets a free PC to aid in their educational journey. This is just one example of how we're continually looking ahead—teaching our students not just the things they need to know now, but giving them the tools to figure out what's next.

And we are here to be the affordable, accessible collegiate option that gives individuals the opportunity to become professional, productive members of society. It isn't enough for us to create knowledgeable graduates or even a hard-working workforce. We exist to shape citizens who'll contribute to their communities with time, talent and treasure. We develop sharp thinkers who'll lead change in both their personal and professional lives. And we give every student every opportunity to make a difference.