What is an internship?

A work experience related to your field of study. You receive academic credit for the experience, and the positions are usually paid (some non-profit organizations may only be able to offer an unpaid experience). The internship positions can be one semester, more than one semester, summer only, and can overlap a semester (work schedules need to meet the employer's needs first). They can be full-time or part-time, and can take place anywhere in the world! An internship can usually be arranged to fit your individual course scheduling.  Pre-planning far in advance of any internship is critical!  Meet with the Internship Director at least one or two semesters before the time you hope to do your Internship.

Why should you be planning an internship experience?

  • Experience related to your major – most employers expect you to have it!
  • An opportunity to "connect" your classroom learning to actual on-the-job training and experience.
  • Make professional contacts which could lead to permanent employment with your internship employer or other professionals in your internship employer's network.
  • Develop self-confidence and professional skills.
  • Earn wages (in most cases) and academic credit.

How do you get an internship?

The first requirement is to fill out an Internship Application form. Get the form by sending an e-mail request to Internship Director Jay Henrickson OR download the form from either the Mayville State Jobs Network resource library, or from the Career Services/Internships Sharepoint site.

E-mail your completed application to Jay Henrickson and schedule an appointment with him to discuss your internship, next steps and job-search strategies (if needed). Even if you have already secured an internship, you must still complete the application and contact Mr. Henrickson. These steps must be taken well in advance of starting your internship.

Mr. Henrickson will help you identify internship prospects, and show you how to prospect for, and research, internship opportunities, including effectively using your personal and professional network. He will show you how to use the Mayville State Jobs Network to find internships and prospects, and how to utilize the internship-related websites found on our Internship Links for Students page. Finally, Mr. Henrickson will help you create an effective resume' and prepare for an interview. Through this initial process, you will develop the skills and tools to conduct an effective internship search, and (in the future) an effective job search. Finding your "dream internship" will be a team effort between you and Mr. Henrickson.  Mayville State University does not guarantee 'placement' into an internship. Students, working in conjunction with Mr. Henrickson, however, are typically successful with identifying prospective internship employers and internship positions.

Apply to any and all internship opportunities that are identified through the above process, and maintain constant contact with Mr. Henrickson.

When you are offered (and accept) an Internship offer

Meet again with the Internship Director to get registered for internship credit and to review the 3 primary internship requirements (see below)

Registration for Internships cannot be done 'online'.  A registration form, requiring specific signatures, will be provided to you by the Internship Director.  Students must be registered for internship credit during the same period that the work experience is taking place. Registration "after the fact" is not allowed.

MSU policy is that 1 internship credit requires approximately 120 hours of work (about 10 hours per week for a 12-week semester), 2 credits is 240 hours, and so on. We do allow for some flexibility in this policy, so please discuss this with the Internship Director. If your Internship will be a part of a job you currently are employed in, the work responsibilities must primarily be "new learning" . . . we can't give credit for only doing things on the job that you are already doing. Again, please discuss any of this with the Director.

You will be shown how to develop and document learning objectives with a faculty internship advisor. Those objectives become your "course syllabus". We provide a Learning Agreement form to document those objectives, and a "guide".

You will be shown how to maintain a journal throughout your internship, something that usually doesn't take more than 15 minutes each week. We provide a "guide".