To qualify for the First-Year Honor Scholarship and Transfer Honor Scholarship, a student must be a new student at Mayville State in the Fall of 2024, when these amounts will become effective. Offers for these scholarships are based on current GPA. Awards will be based on the student's final GPA. 

To accept an offer, a student must apply and be accepted for admission, complete the scholarship application, and follow the requirements listed in the scholarship application. All U.S. and Canadian citizens are eligible. 

Scholarship recipients must remain enrolled as a full-time student (12+ credits) at Mayville State University. The scholarship award is split over a full academic year, Fall Semester of 2024 and Spring Semester of 2025. 

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Eligibility Criteria for First-Year Honor Scholarship

  • New Student. First Post-Secondary Enrollment at Mayville State University; or
  • First-year standing (attending a post-secondary institution after high school graduation and have less than 24 earned college level credit hours to transfer from all prior post-secondary institutions).  
  • All applicants complete an essay and provide one letter of recommendation.
  • Unweighted final high school GPA is used to determine the award level as identified above.
  • New students shall live in dorms and have a meal plan per Mayville State policy.
  • First-year students who have taken dual credit, PSEO, or concurrent enrollment credits are eligible for the First-Year Honor Scholarship.

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Eligibility Criteria for Transfer Student Honor Scholarship Award

  • Transfer student with 24+ earned college level credit hours pursuing first bachelor's degree.
  • College GPA used to determine award level as identified above.
  • Student must maintain a 2.0 and be in good academic standing for second term.

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Dual Credit Scholarship

This unique scholarship program is available only to those students who were previously enrolled in dual credit high school courses offered through Mayville State.

In order to qualify for the scholarship, students must have completed at least one Mayville State dual credit course in high school prior to their full time enrollment at Mayville State as a freshman in the fall semester after high school graduation. Students will earn scholarships equivalent to the cost of their dual credit tuition for their freshman year at Mayville State. The scholarship will not exceed the total amount of $2,000. Learn more here. 

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Competitive scholarship opportunities for new students

Mayville State has been the recipient of generous scholarship donations from numerous benefactors. Due to these generous donations, Mayville State is able to award thousands of dollars to students each year. These privately-funded scholarships are commonly referred to as competitive awards as they require students to submit the scholarships application each year.

Students must apply for the competitive scholarships through the scholarship portal.

Participation in the First-Year and Transfer Student Honor Scholarship Program does not impact a student’s eligibility to apply for competitive scholarships through the Mayville State University Foundation. Competitive scholarships may be stacked with Honor Scholarship awards. Deadline for competitive scholarships is March 15, 2024.

Click here to see the scholarships available. 

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International Student and Cultural Diversity Waivers

Mayville State International Student and Cultural Diversity Waivers are designed to help foster the benefits of a diverse student body for all Mayville State Students. These waivers help support students from diverse cultural and underrepresented backgrounds in attending Mayville State University. Each Waiver has unique qualifications. Students apply through the scholarship portal. While these awards may be stacked with other scholarships or waivers, there are limits in what waivers are allowed to cover.

See more.

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