NDUS Employee Tuition Waiver

Mayville State University accepts employee tuition waivers from North Dakota University System benefited employees. Tuition waivers will be applied to both traditional and online/IVN (or Zoom, synchronous) courses. All employees using NDUS tuition waivers and taking online/IVN (or Zoom, synchronous) courses will be responsible for the distance delivery fee. Other fees may apply and are the employees' responsibility.  NDUS employees employed at NDUS institutions other than Mayville State University will only receive a 50% waiver for tuition.  MaSU employees will also have 50% tuition waived when attending other NDUS institutions.

If this is your first course at MSU using the tuition waiver, you must go through the admissions process. A one-time $35 admissions fee will be applied. Click here to apply.


The link below will take you to an electronic version of the employee tuition waiver. From here, you will be able to electronically complete the form and send it to your supervisor. They will approve or deny it and send it to HR, and HR can get it to the Business Office. This will make for a faster and efficient process meaning your waiver can be applied faster.


Note: This is the Employee Tuition Waiver only. Eligible employees are those who are considered benefitted. Dependent waivers are still paper based. If you need a dependent waiver, you can find it on SharePoint or stop by/email the HR office as they have preprinted copies. All tuition waivers are due by the 100% add/drop date of each semester and dependent waivers must be filled out each semester.

Complete and process the tuition waiver form from the employees' campus and submit to:

Mayville State University
Business Office
Attn: Employee Tuition Waivers
330 Third Street NE
Mayville, ND 58257