Vietnam: CORE Study Abroad Trip

Mayville State University works to promote positive Community building, Outreach, Relationships, and Experiences (CORE) for our students. This trip is available to all students regardless of academic interest area. Staff, faculty, and community stakeholders are also welcome. During the Vietnam CORE trip, students have the opportunity to extend their community connections, provide outreach services to people and organizations in need of assistance, build social and professional relationships, and take part in an overall experience that will enhance personal and professional skills.

Hanoi has emerged from its long and often violent history as the cultural and political center of modern Vietnam. While proudly clinging to its heritage and traditions, the city, one of the oldest in Asia, today exudes a bold confidence. In fact, Hanoi has become one of the fastest growing cities in the region.

In Hanoi, Vietnam, the CORE group will be hosted by the UBELONG nonprofit organization with a mission to bring people together across borders, to share their humanity, and take action for positive change. Students and fellow travelers will be able to volunteer in the areas of business development, caregiving, construction and infrastructure, education, and NGO support. Room and board will be organized and provided by the UBELONG organization.

This trip is in the early planning stages; we hope to travel in 2019. Start thinking now!

For more information, contact:
Dina Zavala-Petherbridge at, 701.788.4650
or Aubrey Madler at, 701.788.4814