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IMG_4674-300x225.jpgMayville State University students now have the exciting opportunity to study at the American College of Norway (ACN), a small institution located south of the national capital, Oslo, in the town of Moss. Norway is a modern, exciting place. With cutting edge technology and old world charm, it’s the perfect place to experience the past and the future. Moss is a hub of international travel. London, Rome, Paris, Dublin, Prague, and other exciting places are only an hour or two away, and European travel is inexpensive.

Students from all over the world attend ACN , making it a perfect low-stress international experience. All courses are taught in English, primarily by American university professors and they fulfill Mayville State’s essential studies requirements. In addition, students who study at ACN  may transfer to Mayville State, so there is possibility for Mayville State students to continue their international friendships, even after their semester at ACN has concluded.


How did this study abroad opportunity get started at Mayville State?


Dr. Sarah Anderson, MSU assistant professor of education and co-chair of the MSU Diversity Committee, has spearheaded this study abroad opportunity using connections she made prior to arriving at Mayville State in 2012. Anderson was fortunate to meet the founder of the American College of Norway, Steinar Opstad, when she visited Norway with a teacher delegation from Grand Forks Public Schools in 2008. This connection proved to be invaluable to Anderson, and as it turns out, to Mayville State too.

Dr. Anderson returned to Norway in October of 2015 to present at a conference in Stavanger and to arrange for study abroad opportunities. In January of 2016, Krista Lauritzen, ACN director, visited Mayville State and began conversations about developing an affiliate partner agreement between MSU and the American College of Norway. This agreement allows students to attend a semester of college abroad at an affordable price, making it a possibility for more students.

To date, three Mayville State students have applied and been accepted to attend ACN: one student for summer 2016 and two for the fall 2016 semester. At least two more student are in the process of applying for the spring semester of 2017.

Click here to see a fact sheet about studying a full year at the American College of Norway.

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Click here to see the Student Handbook of the American College of Norway.

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Click here to see the MSU-ACN Handbook.

Funding Options

  • MSU financial aid process
  • MSU scholarships
  • Larson Leadership mini-grant (See Dr. Sarah Anderson.)
  • Support from family and friends
  • Work savings

Applying for the opportunity to study at ACN


To apply to the American College of Norway, you will need the following:

NorwayHeritageGiftFund250x250.jpgAre you interested in helping Mayville State students realize the dream of studying abroad?


While affordable, there are financial barriers, particularly for underrepresented students, including  travel to and within Norway, immigration visa fees, passport fess, and other incidentals that come with relocation.

Please consider a Norwegian Heritage Gift to our Norway-bound students. Students who have a financial need, who desire to broaden their knowledge through the American College of Norway, could submit an essay and application to be considered for a stipend. Click on the link below and make a tax-deductible gift. Your gift of $50, $100, $250, $500, or more could help one or more students to realize the dream of traveling abroad to Norway, the homeland of many here in Mayville and around the country!

For more information on how you can help, please contact John J. Klocke, MSU Foundation Executive Director, at 701-788-4787 or

Click here to make a gift online now.

More Information


For more information on the American College of Norway, go to To discuss the Mayville State study abroad program, you may contact Dr. Dina Zavala-Petherbridge at or Dr. Sarah Anderson at

Click the box below to make a donation that will help students who wish to pursue the opportunity to study in Norway.