Here's why Mayville State is right for Chuck!


Why did you choose to attend Mayville State University?
I chose to come to Mayville because of the amazing education program here and the family-like atmosphere.

What do you like best about the major you’re pursuing?
I like meeting all the children and their families and getting the opportunity to teach them and observe them.

What do you like best about Mayville State in general?
From the students to staff, it’s really like a really big family.

Do you participate in any activities related to your major/minor? Internships? Work Study? Other?
I work at the daycare center on campus as a teacher’s aide. I also work at the elementary school in town as a children’s supervisor. It’s a great experience, and I love it and each and every one of the children. I wouldn’t trade these experiences for anything in the world.

Have you had any unique opportunities, in or out of the classroom, while you’ve been enrolled at Mayville State?
My classroom observations and seeing the children and watching their unique minds explore throughout the classroom are a great opportunity for a soon-to-be teacher. And, I have a 7-year-old best friend I met in Mayville.

What MSU clubs, organizations, or athletic activities to you participate in?
I am on the men’s basketball team and I am also on student senate.

How have these activities enhanced your college experience?
These activities have given me a chance to meet a lot of new people, as well as to travel and get to know the student body better.

What has been your greatest moment as a Mayville State student?
Getting to meet and play with all the children and getting to know each and every one of them on a personal level has meant a lot to me. I have had chances to make many new friends and to be open to all the opportunities in life that Mayville has to offer.

What are your plans after graduating from Mayville State?
I will take great pride in teaching in an urban area where I can give children a chance and opportunity to succeed.