Membership Rules

  1. No gym bags, backpacks, coats, or street shoes are allowed in the weight room, aerobics room or gym.

  2. When using equipment in the weight room, make sure to wipe it down with our sanitizer spray and paper towels when finished.

  3. To use the aerobic room when class is not in session, please see the Wellness Center attendant.

  4. Please respect the Wellness Center hours.

  5. Unacceptable behavior, such as inappropriate language or fighting, will not be tolerated. Failure to follow these rules could lead to your membership being revoked!

  6. Please bring your own listening devices (iPods, MP3 players, or walkmans) in order to listen to the TVs in the weight room. Each TV is on a certain frequency and has closed captioning on it.

 Family Friendly Reminders

  • Children under 10 years old MUST be supervised by an adult in the gym.

  • Children over 10 years old may be in the gym alone, as long as a parent is in the Wellness Center.

  • 15-16 year olds may be in the weight room as long as they are utilizing the equipment while under direct supervision of a parent.

  • No children under 15 years old are allowed in the weight room.¬†