Room & Board

Students who live in residence halls will pay a term-based rate for their room and are required to purchase a meal plan. 

Room Rates

Dining Plans
The Cafeteria and the Comets Landing Snack Bar, both in the Campus Center, use an a la carte - literally choosing off the menu - approach and pay the individual menu prices for each item. Students who contract for a Board Plan – most frequently but not necessarily in conjunction with a residence hall contract – will receive pre-paid value in their dining account. The account is connected to your student ID card. When you present your card when you order or select food and the value of your choice is deducted from your card.

Comet 1200

Comet 1200: Estimated to provide approx. six meals per week or its equivalent at the student's convenience.
Campus Dining Center open 7:00 am to 7:00 pm on days classes in session.

This is the default meal plan for all resident students. Students wanting to upgrade can do so in the housing portal until the fourth day of class.
Dining Plan Fee:  $1,200.00

Comet 1600

Comet 1600: Estimated to provide approx. nine meals or its equivalent.
Dining Plan Fee:  $1,600.00

Comet 2250

Comet 2250: Estimated to provide approx. 13-15 meals per week. 
Students who have the 2250 plan are able to ask for double portions as a BOGO-1/2 on the "homecook" line. This is to ensure that students who need a little more food have a way to get fed economically.
Dining Plan Fee:  $2,250.00

Comet Cash
Different than a meal plan, Comet Cash is 'regular' money that is transferred onto your ID card. Students wanting to charge Comet Cash onto their student account can do so in the housing portal until the sixth day of class or can add funds to their card with a credit or debit card purchase. While Comet Cash is more flexible - it can be used at the bookstore as well as dining facilities, sales tax is collected when you use it. Comet Cash does not expire off your card at the end of the semester, the way that Dining Plan dollars will.