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Phone info: Verizon/Tracfone/StraightTalk have the strongest service for students on campus; AT&T also has service that is usable in the local area. Students sometimes struggle with phone service from T-Mobile or Sprint or those companies that use their mainframe, although the wifi components of your phone will work on the campus wifi. 

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You will find your MSU residence hall room furnished with the following when you arrive:

Residence Hall Furniture for each room resident:

  • bed:

twin bed (most beds in Agassiz are "regular length." There are some bedroom walls that are not long enough to have both the XL length and a desk, kind of the default furniture arrangement. We do have some XL frames to swap out for those student who need the extra long size).
twin XL beds in Berg and Birkelo. 

note for all three buildings: (the bed frames can be set "high" or "low" or somewhere in between. Tubs can be stored under the beds. The beds also bunk, if you want. "Loft kits" are not permitted.

  • desk and desk chair
  • closet space (we don't have doors on the closets, so a tension rod and drape or shower curtain is an option, but really it's not the norm.)
  • dresser unit
  • lock for your bedroom door and, if applicable, for the suite door to your unit
  • cable box shared by your roommate/suitemates –  so ... 


  • you can bring a TV (remotes for the cable box should be rented from the bookstore)
  • if you bring a TV, bring a TV stand. This is probably the only furniture you will need to carry in.
  • a gaming cube is okay. You will need to work with IT - we don't let your x-box, etc., run off the wifi, but you can plug your system in and register it on the network.
  • cooking dishes (stove top or microwave dishes)
  • there is a microwave and a range in each kitchenette, located on nearly every wing in all three buildings. You don't need to bring a microwave and you have access to cook on our appliances. 
  • small refrigerator (if you buy it at Walmart, Target, etc., then it's fine). Coordinate with your roommate, because one is usually enough.
  • a desk lamp can be helpful.

Also bring:

  • academic supplies (duh)
  • small trashcan
  • computer (printers are available in the library, campus center, and residence halls) 
  • laundry basket, soap, and dryer sheets - there is a laundry located in each residence hall, and in some cases on the floor where you live. You will not need quarters. 
  • a iron for your clothes (pause for laughter)
  • a lockable storage container (parents: I bought this one for my first two college kids. Use your best judgment/jp) 
  • a lot of students have a plastic set of drawers/closet organizer. It's not required and YMMV, but think about it.
  • personal care items
  • a container for carrying your shampoo/soap/shower supplies (even in Agassiz -- you're meant to empty your shower each week on cleaning day).


  • basic first aid kit
  • fan for your room (esp. if you are in Berg or Birkelo)
  • surge protector (1 power strip) (splurge and get a good one with additional plugs and a longer cord. Avoid the $8 and look at the $20 model. It's better all around.) Extension cords without the surge protector can cause fire and should not be brought.


Linen service and linens are not provided by the University.


Two messages here. If you're from North Dakota, Winnipeg, or Minnesota, it's always fun to tease people from away about how cold it gets. On the other hand, if you're not from here, you might be intimidated about how cold it gets. This is a pretty factually accurate site about the weather

This is a good page about clothing. Advice: invest in a really good coat, and make sure you have hats and gloves. We do a decent job of moving snow off of sidewalks, so have good shoes but don't focus on industrial strength boots. Once the weather turns, you'll spend more time indoors than out, so don't focus on new sweaters or wool-lined pants. Dress comfortably, anticipate layers of clothing, and you'll be fine. 


we do not have outlets for car. Make sure you have a good battery, and bring a portable, chargeable "jumper" if you might need it.

 . . . . . . . .

Things Not to Bring:

  • amplified musical instruments
  • air conditioner units, heating units, humidifiers and dehumidifers
  • appliances with open heating elements (including charcoal grills, hot plates, toaster ovens, and toasters)
  • extension cords
  • cable modems and wifi routers
  • pets and animals
  • illicit drugs. (even if you have a "medical marijuana" card, federal law prohibits drugs on campus, including medical cannabis.) 
  • alcohol or alcohol paraphernalia (including shot glasses and empty alcoholic beverage containers)
  • candles, incense, or other flammables
  • weapons (including knives, guns, clubs, brass knuckles) and explosives


Link to Mayville State Coronovirus Restart Information

Link to document Summer 2020 for families of Residence Hall Students



Free Mailbox Info and Mailing/Address Info

Questions about Housing

If you would like more information, please feel free to contact:

Jeffrey Powell, Director of Student Life
Campus Center 106

When the Halls Close

The residence halls close for Winter Break and Spring Break.

What you need to do to leave before you we close the halls: Sign up with your RA to check out, unplug all non-university electronics, leave your blinds half way down, windows must be closed and locked, Vehicles left over break must be facing the grass in the main Agassiz parking lot; If you are not planning on returning or unsure if you are coming back please:  pack up all of your belongings, clean your room, and give your room keys to your RA.