Cable Television in the Residence Halls

Your Midcontinent Cable offering in your Mayville State residence halls has expanded!

With a HDMI-output box, you can...

  1. Get selected channels in HD quality to your HDMI-ready tv! (channels start in the 600's)
  2. Get music channels (channels start in the 900's)
  3. Get channel and show guide as a pop-up.

One converter is present in each room or suite: You might never use it (if you don't watch TV, for example).

If you will watch TV, you do need a box to watch TV using the cable in your room.

  1. One converter box for Midcontinent basic cable is provided for each room or suite. Therefore, roommates/suitemates should decide who brings a TV. The cost of cable is included in your room rate.
  2. While the box will work without a remote, you can't change the channel. Decide among your roommates/suitemates who will rent the remote for your room.
  3. That person should stop at the Campus Bookstore to check out a remote. Cost is $10 for the year; replacement cost for those not returned by May 15, 2017 is $45, charged to a credit card.
  4. View the list of channels available.