SAC stands for Student Activities Council. And Student Activities Council stands for awesomeness.

What is SAC?
SAC stands for Student Activities Council. We are the cool kids on campus who get to plan and organize awesome events such as Homecoming and Sno’ Daze. We promote all of the fun stuff like free movies, comedians, dances, etc. that happen on campus throughout the year. SAC meets once a week and is always looking for new ideas and suggestions. One of the best things about serving on SAC is having an active voice in what events are planned for the entire campus.
Each year, select members from SAC are invited to attend the NACA  (National Association for Campus Activities) programming conference. This four-day conference gives SAC members the opportunity to connect with other student leaders from around the region, as well as preview performers to come to MSU’s campus while gaining valuable leadership skills.

We want YOU!

If you meet any of the following criteria … you belong with SAC!
Leadership Worthy

Total and Complete Power!

We get to do whatever we WANT! Okay, so maybe we can’t get that crazy, but we do organize, decorate and do pretty much whatever our students ask for. Here are some of the things we have planned in the past:

Turkey Bowling
Lip Sync
Talent Show
Karaoke Night
Sno’ Daze
Game Nights
Free Movie
…and the list goes on!

I want to know more!!

We knew you would! Stop by the Office of Campus Programming by the fishbowl in the campus center. We can’t wait to see you at our next meeting!