In the game of football, Sudden Change is the term used after a turnover. For the defense, Sudden Change means we needed to get a stop. For the offense, Sudden Change means we need to take advantage of the situation by getting a score. Whether offensively or defensively, a Sudden Change is an opportunity to impact the game in a huge way.

Comet Football is in a Sudden Change opportunity. We need to take advantage of an opportunity created by the turnover at Mayville State and change the game for Comet Football. At Mayville State, we have a new president, a new athletic director, and a new head football coach and staff. In defensive terms, we need to get a stop. Thinking offensively, we need to flip the field to get to the goal line and to score big for the Mayville State football program.

Join the White Hat Club and help Comet Football take advantage of a Sudden Change opportunity.

Your membership in the White Hat Club will help Comet Football take advantage of this Sudden Change opportunity. The membership goal of the White Hat Club is to fill the depth charts with members, to bolster the roster, to provide Comet Football with the means to make a Sudden Change. 

Please take a look at the membership chart and consider a level that works best for you.

The White Hat Club membership goal is to fill a 4-deep depth chart for each decade. The 4-deep depth chart is created for all past members of Comet Football. We want, and need, the support of our football alumni. Membership gets you involved with other alumni and starts the Sudden Change by reconnecting you with Comet Football.

Fill the White Hat Club rosters and raise $100,000 for Comet Football annually.

Filling the White Hat Club rosters over the 4-deep depth chart for each of six decades will raise well over $100,000 for Comet Football annually. We need to cause that turnover and score on this drive! Please join the 49 charter members of the White Hat Club in taking advantage of the Sudden Change situation with Comet Football.

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