College Bowl Season Pick-em Contest

Pick the winners of 41 Bowl games, including the college football playoff semifinals and championship game!

$20 Entry Fee


Once the complete bowl schedule is announced, download a generic playoff form and choose the winning team.

For the semifinals and championships games, also include the total score (used for tiebreakers).


1 point for picking the correct winner of a bowl game

3 points for picking the correct winner of a smifinal game

5 points for picking the correct winner of the championship game

Highest number of points will be the winner!

Ties will be broken using the total score of the championship, then the Cotton Bowl semifinal game, then the Orange Bowl semifinal game. if tie after that, coin flip.

 Entry Fees

Entries and fees can be given to a Comet Athletic Club board member or sent to the MSU Foundation office, 330 Third Street NE, Mayville, ND  58257. Make checks payable to MSU Foundation.

Please include your full name and phone number on the entry form.

Entries MUST either be postmarked by 12/14/18 or given to a CAC board member before noon on 12/15/18.

Prize Breakout

1st place - 15% of total pool

2nd place - 10% of total pool

3rd place - 5 % of total pool

Additional Information

Additional prizes will be announced once the number of entry forms is finalized. Standings will be posted on the Comet Athletic Club Facebook page on 12/26/18, 12/30/18, 1/2/19, and final standings posted on 1/18/19.

Direct any questions to John Murphy at 701-212-3214 or Ryan Hall at 701-788-4706.

All proceeds will go to the Comet Athletic Club. Operating under the umbrella of the MSU Foundation, the Comet Athletic Club is the fundraising body for Mayville State University Athletics. The Comet Athletic Club's mission is to provide academic scholarships for student-athletes.