University Supervisors

Orientation for University Supervisors: This narrated PowerPoint provides information on the role and responsibilites of the university supervisor.  Guidance in the completion of forms and university contacts are given.  

Suggested Timeframe to Transition Student Teacher in and out of Teaching Responsibilities: Cooperating teachers and student teachers use this as a guide to plan the student teacher's instructional time. 

Responsibilities of the Student Teacher during the Student Teaching Experience: This document provides an awareness of what student teachers are held accountable for during their student teaching experience.

InTASC Evaluation Form- Student Teaching: This is an example of the online form you will be completing to evaluate your student teacher.  

Mayville State Disposition Document: This is an example of the online form that you will be completing to evaluate characteristics, behaviors, and attitudes of your student teacher. 

Final Grade Rubric: This is a rubric to use in the student teacher evaluation process.

Suggested Final Grade and Supporting Remarks: This document will be sent to you via email by the Director of Student Teacher Placement for completion. 

Pre-Post Conference Form: This form is to be used to document your pre and post teaching conferences with the student teacher. Please submit this form for each observation to Kayla Smith (

Protocol for University Supervisors on Issues of Concern: This document contains processes for University Supervisors to follow.