Why should you choose Mayville State's M.Ed. program?

Find out from those who know best ... our current students!

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Yazel Skinner

Yazel Skinner Sized.jpgMayville State University has been a part of my life for several years. I graduated with a bachelor's degree in Early Childhood in 2018. When I saw MSU was offering an M.Ed. program, I knew I couldn't miss the opportunity to further my education.

MSU has helped me become the educator I always strived to be and has made learning achievable. Mayville State University offers endless support. The professors are knowledgeable and engaging, and have been very helpful to me.

Most importantly, Mayville State University offers the M.Ed. program online. I have been able to complete courses with Mayville State University while living in three different state.

I am thankful to be a part of the MSU family and I look forward to completing the M.Ed. program and growing my educational career.

Yazel Skinner
CPCD Giving Children
a Head Start in Colorado Springs, Colo.

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Evan Kritzberger

Evan Kritzberger.jpgMayville State’s Master of Education program stood out to me because of the great options available and the affordable cost. It’s no secret that teachers need to be skillful with how they spend their money, and there is truly not a better program at a better price in the state, perhaps even the country, than Mayville State’s. Top it off with the quality of the program and you get something that’s not only feasible, but worthwhile and meaningful for educators in the field.

Truly the best part of being a student in the M.Ed. program, and as a Mayville State student in general, is and always will be the people. Mayville State has been able to create and maintain a community of educators and students which is truly unmatched. The level of time, effort, and care the faculty at Mayville State put into each and every one of the courses and their students is something that is extremely special. Nowhere else will you be able to find such inspiring and qualified professors who genuinely care about and are invested in your journey as a student and educator.

The Mayville State M.Ed. courses have given me applications that I can immediately use in my classroom.  The things we are learning and the tasks we are completing are meaningful, relevant, and evidence-based. These lessons have already begun to influence my classroom teaching … well before I have completed the program. There aren’t enough words to explain the level of gratitude and appreciation I have for the professors at Mayville State. The professors at Mayville State have created a phenomenal program for teachers because, very simply, they are phenomenal teachers.

If you are looking for a meaningful, affordable program that will have immediate and long-lasting impacts on you and your classroom, choose Mayville State University.

Evan M. Kritzberger
High School Social Sciences
LaMoure (N.D.) Public School

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Jessica Ogburn

Jessica Ogburn.jpgI graduated from Mayville State with my B.S.Ed., so Mayville State and many of the teachers were familiar to me. I also know they have a wonderful education program and excellent teachers. Mayville State also offers the M.Ed. completely online. The program is flexible, so I am able to earn the degree on my own time.

I enjoy making connections with my online classmates and my professors. I have had such positive experiences getting to know everyone in my program, both in graduate and undergraduate courses at Mayville State.

The flexibility and relevancy of the content has exceeded my expectations. I love that things are online and I can complete projects at my own pace on my own time. It has helped so much with my already-full schedule. I also believe that the content we've been studying is incredibly relevant to what we deal with day-to-day in our classrooms.

Our professors have geared the content to be relevant with changes such as virtual learning, which we've experienced because of the pandemic, technology tips and tricks, advise and ideas for ways to engage students in our constantly changing world, and so much more. With each topic we cover, I can make connections to what is actually happening in my own classroom, and  think that strengthens our learning process so much. This makes our education so incredibly worthwhile.

The main reason I would recommend Mayville State's M.Ed. program is because of the professors and the support system among the staff at Mayville State. Any time I have questions or need help, I know there is someone to help me.

I have loved getting to know my professors and classmates throughout my experience at Mayville State. The educators and staff are what makes the college thrive. I feel that each of my professors, past and present, has truly cared about my education and values me as a student. That is an incredibly wonderful feeling!

Jessica Ogburn
Middle and High School Math Teacher
May-Port CG (N.D.) Public School

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Hunter McCall

Hunter McCall Sized.pngMayville State's Master of Education program stood out to me because Mayville state is also where I earned my undergrad. I already knew how hard the professor work in order to give the students the best possible educational experience. They make themselves available and are quick to provide feedback to their students when needed.

The best part of being a student in the M.Ed. program is the feeling of being in a learning community. The classes are set up so that it really feels that you are working together with your peers. The discussion boards allow you to bounce questions or ideas off your peers even though you are in an online course.

The professors' consistent ability to make themselves available to the students has been wonderful. Even though the courses are online, I have never felt as though I am too far away from my instructors. If I have a question or need help, they are very prompt and helpful with their feedback and replies.

I would recommend Mayville State's Master of Education program to others. There is no program out there that will provide a higher quality of education for the same affordable price.

Hunter McCall
High School Special Education Teacher
Wahpeton (N.D.) Public School

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Krista Hogfoss

Krista Hogfoss sized.jpgI have always wanted to pursue my M.Ed. I had researched programs many times throughout the years, but none of them stood out to me. I didn't make a commitment to one because I never felt strongly enough about a program, and it was never the “right” time.

I am the mom of three, wife, and a kindergarten teacher. I am BUSY! I like to be involved in our community. My big kids are in every sport possible, and my 3-year-old is the spitfire I deserved.

When I saw Mayville State was offering programs for those who wish to pursue an M.Ed., I knew NOW was the right time, no matter how busy my life was. I received my bachelor’s in education in 2012 and loved going to Mayville State. I had my oldest daughter my junior year of college and at nine days old she was coming to class with me until she was able to get into daycare at six weeks old. There aren’t colleges like that. I remember a couple professors picking her up and walking around while they lectured. Mayville State is the epitome of success. 

The best part of being in the M.Ed. program is the asynchronous schedule. You don’t need to be “on” at certain times and you are able to do your work at times that best suit your schedule. This works so well with my busy home life as I can jump on and get to work when my kiddos are sleeping so I don’t have to miss out on family time. 

My expectations have been surpassed with the connections I have made with my professors and the applications I have already been able to use in my classroom. They take the time to provide thorough feedback and address any concerns you may have. They are so committed to success. You will even find many of their personal cell phone numbers in the class syllabus. Wow! The enrollment process is quite simple and MSU staff is there to help you with every step of the way.  

If you have been going back and forth about pursuing your M.Ed., get started! You will advance on your pay scale, learn a multitude of things to add to your teacher toolbelt, and open potential new career opportunities!  

Krista Hogfoss
Kindergarten Teacher

Peter Boe, Jr. Elementary School
Mayville, N.D.

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Josiah Walker

Josiah Walker.jpgBeing in the M.Ed. program at Mayville State has brought me much joy because I am very comfortable with the people I work with. I earned my bachelor’s degree at Mayville and just felt that I should continue my higher education where it started.

This program stood out the most because I wanted to impact people through knowledge and motivation. The program gives me the freedom to do that both in and out the classroom. I am interested in learning how adults learn and how they comprehend different topics.

The professors are amazing. They have provided me with so much knowledge. I recently had surgery on my knee and had a difficult time adjusting. I communicated to them, and they understood. The professors know that life can happen and with that I felt appreciated.

The Mayville State M.Ed. program has exceeded my expectations in that it motivates me to do more. I am driven to search for more answers so I can fully understand what is being taught.

I recommend the Mayville State M.Ed. program because the professors are great and they teach the curriculum very well. The resources they provide give their students a great opportunity to learn.

Josiah Walker
Enrollment Center, Security, and Football Staff
Mayville State University

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Stephanie Olson

Stephanie Olson Sized.jpgMayville State’s M.Ed. program stood out to me because of its teaching staff. As an undergrad at Mayville, I got to know many of the professors within the education department. It is because of these professors that I’m where I am today. Their dedication and willingness to help stood made a difference. As a teacher looking to complete my master's degree, I was excited when Mayville announced they had a new M.Ed. program.  

The best part about being a student in the Mayville State M.Ed. program is that I feel valued. I know that my opinions and ideas matter and are heard. I love being able to collaborate with my peers and professors as I work to meet specific goals.

Mayville State's professors have exceeded my expectations. I’m so thankful for their support in this journey and for how they have helped me to become a better teacher for myself and my students. I love that I can take my experiences as a teacher and apply them into my courses.

Having the flexibility to continue my education while raising a family and working as a teacher is fantastic. I love that I’m able to be a mom, teacher, and student all at the same time!

Stephanie Olson
Nathan Twining Elementary & Middle School
Grand Forks Air Force Base

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Alex Dralle

Alex Dralle Sized.jpgAs a non-traditional student who moved across the state with my children to complete my undergraduate degree in a face-to-face setting, I can tell you I was hesitant to enroll in a graduate program that was strictly online. Much to my surprise, the virtual platform for the Adult Teaching and Learning track has fit my needs better than I could've imagined! The leaders and faculty in the Mayville State Education Division always go the extra mile to create a phenomenal learning environment for each degree-seeker. The professors are unbelievably knowledgeable, and they truly care about my success inside and outside of the classroom.

I have also been lucky enough to have an outstanding support system of colleagues and previous professors at Mayville State. Without their continuing support I would not be the student and aspiring professional I am today. My experience as a Comet has turned into a journey I never thought possible, and I could not be more thankful for the bright future and opportunities that The School of Personal Service has given me and my children.

I would encourage anyone contemplating a graduate program to consider Mayville State University. Time is precious and I know that if I had waited for life to slow down, I’d have missed my opportunity. In order to accomplish my dreams, I had to take action by doing things like setting up a call with an advisor to see if the program would fit my needs and filling out the application. Regret isn’t a fun place to be, and I challenge anyone curious about furthering their education to take a chance! If I can do this program, so can you. You are worth it, and we at Mayville State believe in you!

Alex Dralle, B.S., Accounting and Business Administration
M.Ed. Student, Adult Teaching and Learning
Project Coordinator, ND AHEC, Mayville State University