Program Description

The goal of the psychology program is to inform students of the science and practice involved with the description, explanation, and prediction of human behavioral, mental, and social processes.  Scholarly inquiry of strategies aimed at fostering change and stability are additional areas of training. This program complements studies in Education, Health Education, Science, Social Science, and Business.

Students selecting a course of study in psychology include those interested in:  Preparing for graduate training in psychology or related fields,  paraprofessional employment in human services,  teaching high school level psychology, or employment in fields where critical thinking, flexibility, systematic problem-solving, and advanced interpersonal skills are essential to success.


  • You will acquire abilities to critically evaluate research related to social sciences.
  • You will develop an appreciation of diverse viewpoints, as well as how to promote collaboration and change processes.
  • You will improve your written and oral communication skills.
  • You will develop skills in behavioral observation and assisting others adapt to changes in their lives.

Career Opportunities

  • Preschool, Head Start, Early Head Start and Kindergarten Teachers
  • Center Directors
  • Educational Specialists
  • Supervisors, Program Coordinators

Psychology Majors

Psychology Minors