Program Description

Create. Solve. Explore. Discover. As a Clinical Laboratory Scientist, you'll be helping to solve today's and tomorrow's medical mysteries. The tests you perform to analyze blood, urine, tissue or other body specimens using sophisticated instruments, along with your specialized knowledge and learned techniques, will provide the information doctors need in diagnosing illness. In MSU's Medical Laboratory Science (MLS) program, you'll receive the attention and hands-on laboratory experience you deserve. The program is designed to give you the necessary, medically-oriented scientific background needed to enter clinical training at an accredited laboratory. Make an impact in the world as a key member of the health care team whose work provides valuable information used in the diagnosis and treatment of disease.


Hands-on experience in the lab - Unlike many other undergraduate programs where hands-on laboratories are becoming increasingly rare, as a student at Mayville State, you'll have the invaluable opportunity to get into the lab right away. Mayville State's science department laboratories have many state-of-the-art instruments used in modern research and analysis.

Make a difference - This exciting and rewarding health career is constantly changing and advancing as new knowledge and new technologies emerge. Whether uncovering diseases such as hepatitis, genetic disorders and cancer, or working in a forensic laboratory, management or marketing, as a clinical laboratory practitioner, you will provide very important information in all areas of health and medicine.

Unlimited career opportunities - There is a demand for well-educated and highly motivated clinical laboratory professionals. You'll have unlimited opportunities in hospital labs, clinics, the medical examiner's forensic laboratory, veterinary clinics, and in medical, biotechnology and industrial research laboratories. Traveling technical positions are also available for those who would like to explore the country or even the world. Other areas in laboratory medicine such as cytogenetics, cytotechnology and histology offer additional exciting career choices for you. With advanced education, you may find a rewarding career in medicine, teaching and/or management.

Medical Laboratory Science