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illustrates and explains the difference between equality, accommodation and accessibility

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Run an Accessibility Report in each of your courses:

In Bb, go to Course Management > Course Tools > Accessibility Report.

If the course scores 75% or higher, skip to Step 3!

To keep track of your scores, take a screen shot of each report (it will not export to PDF just yet), and save each report to an Excel spreadsheet. One workbook per course is recommended. This is NOT a requirement, but keeping track of your scores can be helpful.


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Courses that score below 75% will need work to earn a badge. Join us for a Fix Your Content Hour session to work on fixing problems. If you cannot attend or would like help a different times, please do not hesitate to make an appointment with Chris or Jeni.

Session times are listed below.


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To receive a badge, the course must be complete.

Also, the Ally Course Report must score 75% or higher.

Please submit an Accessible Comet Courses Badge Request Form when you are ready to receive your badge.

You may use this form for more than one course. 

A badge will be added to the landing page of your course within 48 hours. You are welcome to move or hide the badge as you see fit. 

All badges must be renewed the next semester. 

Thank you for your dedication and hard work!

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Facilitator - Chris Gonnella

Make Your Courses More Accessible for All Students – The purpose of this hands-on brown bag session is guide you in obtaining accessibility scores for your courses and walk you through the process of fixing each problem. Any course with a score 75% or higher gets an Accessible Comet Course Badge!

Wed, Sept 28 - noon to 12:50 pm

Wed, Oct 26 – noon to 12:50 pm

Tues, Nov 8 – 10:00 to 10:50 am 

Tues, Dec 13 - 10:00 to 10:50 am

All sessions in the Heritage Room


Based on the Ally scores over the past several seasons, the goal for institutions has been set to 85%

Our institution progress will measured after each Fix Your Content Hour event and posted on Bb My MASU page. Our first report was run on August 16, 2021. See our scores below.

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