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hooding for website.jpgThe Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) program is a 32-credit, online graduate studies program designed for people who have a non-teaching bachelor's degree and are interested in entering the teaching profession as a secondary teacher in the areas of Social Studies, Science, Mathematics, English, Physical Education, and Health. The online MAT program offers flexibility and affordability for adult learners.

The M.A.T. program is standards-based to support secondary teacher certification requirements of the North Dakota Standards and Practices Board and is designed to support the development of teacher-leaders.

For more information on Mayville State University's M.A.T. program, please email the Division of Education office at education@mayvillestate.edu or call 701-788-4710.

Program of Study 

Criteria for Admission to the M.A.T.

Master of Arts in Teaching Fact Sheet

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Here's what M.A.T. graduates have to say.

Alyssa Homan.jpgThe staff at Mayville State was very responsive to my questions. They treated me like an individual and not a number. I appreciated the way they took the time to look at my particular circumstances and advise me of my options. They were encouraging and generous with their time. This was especially refreshing in comparison to my other options where I went months without receiving any response to an inquiry.

The staff are the best part about being a student in the MAT program. They have been so kind and supportive. I am a mother of three and I work full time. I was not sure how difficult it would be to try to add going back to school to my life, but my professors have been so understanding. Any time something came up, all I had to do was reach out. They made me feel so supported and care for. My university supervisor during my teaching mentorship was especially supportive. He popped in to visit even when he was not observing me. He felt much more like a caring mentor than a professor judging my every move. The professors truly care about making you a better educator.

I was very nervous about how I would fit classes into my busy life. It was not always easy, but I was surprised by how manageable the workload was for me. The program has done an excellent job of preparing me for a career in education. It taught me how to think outside the box and consider all types of learners.

I would highly recommend Mayville State's MAT program to anyone who has been thinking about a career in teaching. The program is outstanding, and you will feel very supported by the staff. The program is a great value, and you will emerge prepared to take on a career as a professional educator.

Alyssa Homan
Mayville State M.A.T. Program

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Chelsey Zaharia cropped.jpgMayville State’s M.A.T. program stands out because of how thoroughly it is planned out as the complete teacher prep for those diving into the profession. I love the “small town feel” in the relationships and communication with Mayville State’s faculty while receiving a world-class education.

I felt my instructors were in my corner, rooting for me, and doing anything they could to help me succeed. The courses are challenging, and you will feel proud with every project and course completion. When you receive your degree, you have something to really be proud of.

Mayville State’s M.A.T. program exceeded my expectations all around. The courses were very thorough and allowed me to master relevant topics of study for the teaching field. Even though online, I felt each professor cared for me individually and knew who I was. Communication was always prompt.

I recommend Mayville State’s M.A.T. program because of the convenience of being able to carry on with your daily life while receiving a rigorous education that is going to get you recognized and hired as one among a stack of resumes. This is a program that you will be successful at and will prepare you for the classroom.

Chelsey Zaharia
Mayville State M.A.T. Program