Mayville State Adaptive Strategies

The Adaptive Strategies document provides an overview of the risk/action levels Mayville State University will use to identify the level of risk for COVID-19 and the appropriate measures to be taken based on those risks. Although each progressive level involves precautionary measures and actions, there remain precautions and actions applicable at all levels.

Click here to download the Adaptive Strategies document.

Mayville State's COVID-19 Safety Level is currently 2, low to moderate community spread.

If there is a change in Mayville State's Safety Level, the same process used to notify the campus community of weather-related closings or other emergencies will be used, even if the change is an improvements. The modes of communication will include:

  • Mass emails
  • Text notifications
  • Social media
  • Website emergency banner
  • Campus digital signage

Departments hosting visitors or other external stakeholders are responsible for notifying them of Safety Level changes.