MSU President's Newspaper Column

October 8, 2022 

Town and gown connections mean so much

I often mention the important role our students play in the community and the important role the community plays in the lives of Mayville State students. Most students mention the community as one of the things that makes their Mayville State experience special to them.

Students love it when members of the community attend their athletic and other events such as music concerts and theater performances. When they are out and about in the community, people recognize them and offer much-appreciated words of encouragement. We truly value the integral role community members play in the success of the university and our students.

I think it’s important to also note the important role our students play in the community. The economic impact made through their purchases and participation in the community is a big deal. In addition, many of our students are making an impact as employees in various businesses in the area. This is a win-win situation that has an impact on the quality of life in our area. Students are earning money that helps them to cover their expenses, and the area businesses are gaining much-needed employees.

If you shop at Dollar General, Miller’s, Casey’s, Cenex, or Hardware Hank, or enjoy food and drink at Pizza Shop, LaCantina, Top Hat, or Subway, you’ll likely interact with a Mayville State student who is working.

I’m proud of our Mayville State football players who worked extremely hard on the Traill County road crew this summer, repairing area roads and more. Another group of Mayville State football players work security at American Crystal Sugar. Students also find employment with SRS Industries and with area farmers.

Mayville State students perform important work at the Luther Memorial Home, helping to care for the elderly and others needing assistance with their daily needs.

We must not forget about the students who help with area youth programs such as hockey, soccer, baseball, softball, track, and more. As student teachers and substitute teachers, our students are a positive influence in the lives of youth in the area K-12 schools. Mayville State students have headed up the CHEERS after school program at Peter Boe, Jr. Elementary School for years. The young students look up to the college students who become role models, as well as advisors.

Another important point of campus and community interaction comes in the form of volunteerism. Mayville State students enjoy volunteering their time and talents in the community in various ways, including providing helping hands with yard work where needed, providing the muscle power needed to do heavy lifting for residents, trick or treating with kids, reading to children in day cares and schools, painting pumpkins with nursing home residents, helping out with the local food pantry, assisting in the local churches, and so much more!

Many students who come to Mayville State from out of the area, and many who are natives of the area, decide to stay here after graduation. This is a big plus for our community as the new graduates fill important employment and other needs of area businesses and service organizations.

Mayville State is grounded in the person-to-person relationships that help to make the world a better place. People often ask, “why Mayville State?” The life skills gained through learning both inside and outside the classroom encourage quality traits such as volunteerism, leadership, empathy, intellectual development, and service to community. These experiences help prepare graduates for successful careers and lives.

It is heartwarming to think about how the life-changing lessons in personal service our students learn while they are students at Mayville State have a ripple effect as they graduate and transition into their careers and communities near and far. We are so very fortunate to be integrally woven into fabric that is personal service!