MSU Study Abroad Norway Summer 2018.jpgDecember 5, 2018

Mayville State University students have the exciting opportunity to study at the American College of Norway (ACN), a small institution located south of the national capital, Oslo, in the town of Moss. Students from all over the world attend ACN, making it a perfect low-stress international experience. All courses are taught in English, primarily by American university professors and they fulfill Mayville State’s essential studies requirements.

This past summer, Abby Kohls, Mayville, N.D., Paige Larson, Gilby, N.D., and Danielle Hoyer, Strathcona, Minn., were able to live and learn in Norway for several weeks. Studying in a foreign country gave the students an entirely different experience than if they had been regular tourists. They had to do many of the things residents would do, but things that tourists would probably not do, such as shopping at a grocery store.

Abby and Paige found the faculty and staff at the American College of Norway to be incredible. They were welcoming, knowledgeable, and understanding. The small college environment at ACN made the students feel right at home, with a real feeling of family. They offered excellent traveling trips and insights, and informed students about the ins and outs of an authentic Norwegian lifestyle.

In addition to attending classes the Mayville State students were able to do some traveling in Norway and beyond. Abby was also able to visit Sweden and England.

Paige said, “I spent one weekend in Stavanger and hiked Preikestolen. On another weekend, my friends and I went to Bergen. I highly recommend viewing Bergen from the top of Ulriken. One of the classes I took was a study on Oslo. It was an unbelievable experience to learn all about the nation’s capital in class, while having the opportunity to visit the city once a week.”

Abby found that traveling abroad gave her a sense of confidence she had never had before. “I learned how to take the train to different places in the country. Each week, we went on a couple field trips and toured many museums. This allowed me to learn about another country and its culture. If a person ever has the opportunity to study abroad, I highly recommend it!”

In summing up the experience, Paige said, “My study abroad experience in Moss, Norway, was nothing short of amazing. From the people, to the places, and of course the Norsk culture, I couldn’t have imagined a better experience. I am grateful for all of the opportunities I was able to pursue, and for the many wonderful and life-long friends I gained as a result.”

Mayville State student Patrick Aanenson, Larimore, N.D., is studying at the American College of Norway during the fall 2018 semester.

Photo caption: American students who studied abroad at the American College of Norway during the summer of 2018 included (l-r) Abby Kohls, Paige Larson, and Danielle Hoyer, who are enrolled at Mayville State University.