A message to all Mayville State Faculty, Staff, and Students

Nov. 1, 2020

In response to the evolution of the contact tracing process following the Oct. 27 mass COVID-19 testing event held at Mayville State, university officials are asking students to stay-in-place Monday, Nov. 2 through Sunday, Nov. 8. Essential campus operations will continue throughout the week.

For this week only, classes that would normally have met on campus will meet online only. Students who are involved in off-campus student teaching or other internship-type activities should continue to do so. There will be no athletic activities, including practices. Child Development Programs will remain open for business as usual.

Staying-in-place means that students who live on campus should stay in their residence halls or apartments as much as possible and not come and go from the campus. Students may pick up meals at the university dining center and participate in on-campus COVID-19 testing events that are currently in the planning stages.

Students who live off campus and attend classes on campus are asked to stay in their residences as much as possible Nov. 2 through 8. They are asked to refrain from coming to campus, except for COVID-19 testing or to pick up meals at university dining services, if needed.

Non-essential staff will work remotely this week. Essential staff will be expected to work on campus, as was the case when the campus moved to remote-only instruction last March. On-campus services, including dining services, will continue throughout the week. Essential offices will remain open and employees are to work with supervisors and/or their cabinet member to determine appropriate on-campus coverage.

This decision comes as a result of an increase in active COVID-19 cases determined in an Oct. 27 mass testing event. The contact tracing process is not complete. By Monday, Nov. 9, those identified as positive COVID-19 cases and close contacts in the Oct. 27 testing event will have completed the required isolation/quarantine period. In addition, results of an on-campus testing event to be held this week should be available by then, giving officials additional data to use in assessing the situation going forward. Details regarding the testing event will be made available as soon as possible.

All on-campus operations, including full face-to-face class meetings and full office coverage, will resume at 8 a.m. Monday, Nov. 9.

Your health and safety are of utmost importance as we continue to navigate this situation. The intent of this break is to bring us back together on campus, healthy and safe, on Nov. 9. Be diligent in taking precautions. Wear your mask, social distance, wash your hands often, clean and disinfect surfaces, and monitor for symptoms. Thank you for doing everything you can to help keep the entire campus community safe and healthy.


Brian Van Horn, President
Mayville State University