treasure_hunt_web.jpgStart with sold-out ticket sales, and add glistening décor, scrumptious refreshments, fabulous handcrafted jewelry items, fun games, and wonderful musical entertainment. Top it off with twinkling diamond grand prizes, and you have the perfect combination for a fund-raiser that shines as brightly as any star in the sky.

“A Sparkling Affair,” an event to benefit a hospitality project for Mayville State University’s Edson & Margaret Larson Alumni and Leadership Center, was an overwhelming success. The gala event attended by more than 200 was held Thurs. evening, Feb. 28, 2013, in the MSU Campus Center Luckasen Room. More than $10,000 was raised.

Proceeds will be used to provide items needed for hosting gatherings at Mayville State’s future alumni and leadership center. Historic Northwest Hall, located on the Mayville campus is being renovated for this purpose. Major funding for the renovation project has been provided by the Edson & Margaret Larson Foundation. Items to be purchased through the hospitality project include a stove, refrigerator, serving needs, and more.

Those who attended “A Sparkling Affair” had the opportunity to participate in a variety of games and activities throughout the evening. In addition, they were each eligible to win one of 24 jewelry items handcrafted and donated by event organizers Jennifer Kohls and Debbie Hagen. A “Bid or Buy-It-Now” silent auction contained 13 of Kohls’ and Hagen’s creations.

Several Mayville-Portland community members served as models and showed off the handcrafted jewelry throughout the evening. Models were Heidi Krivarchka, Bonnie Freeland, Linda Baier, Jessica DeClercq, Mindy O’Connor, Bonnie O’Keefe, Meghan Derksen, Shireen Grinager, Dawn Kaldor, Denise Bergstrom, Tracy McGillis, Kara Schreiner, Lori Kritzberger, and Jayda Zacharias.

Handcrafted jewelry door prize winners were Kelly Scholand, Debbie Haugen, Joe Morowski, JoAnna Lonski, Jacque Moore, Cindy Petersen, Amanda Sondeland, Nancy Paulson, Jessica Amb, Annette Bakken, Florence Ludwig, Jessica Eliason, Sara Vaagene, Loree Stenehjem, Carla Christianson, Bonnie Freeland, Sue Strand, Heather Hoyt, Linda Baier, Joni Lorenz, Linda Godejohn, Jan Klocke, Cleone Whelan, and Zondra Larsen.

Riddle’s Jewelry came on board as a major sponsor for “A Sparkling Affair.” The company donated two $500 Riddle’s shopping sprees, as well as three beautiful diamond jewelry pieces. These items were given away as grand prizes in the games played throughout the evening.

In the “Puttin’ for the Ritz” game, people could purchase a chance to putt. They could sink their putt (or not) and have a chance to win one of the $500 Riddle’s shopping sprees. Winners of the shopping sprees were Nancy Fyre and Rob Lauf.

The grand finale for the evening was the naming of the winners in the Riddle’s Treasure Hunt game. For just $10, a person could purchase a ticket and a chance to win one of three fabulous diamond jewelry items selected by the purchaser. For $20, the purchaser’s name went into the drawing for all three of these grand prize jewelry items

First prize, a ¾ carat diamond pendant (retail value of $2,000), was won by Mark Skean. Second prize, a Comet blue diamond ring (retail value of $1,070), was won by Laura Grinde. Third prize was a pair of diamond solitaire earrings with a retail value of $500. Kim Kyllo won the earrings.

The success of “A Sparkling Affair” was due to the great teamwork of many people. Jennifer Kohls and Debbie Hagen were joined by Loree Stenehjem as an organizer and co-chair of the event.

“We are grateful to Jennifer, Debbie, Loree and all of their friends who put their hearts and souls into making sure that ‘A Sparkling Affair’ would be an event to remember,” said MSU Director of Development John Klocke. “Their over-the-top efforts, combined with the generosity of all who attended the event and the sponsorship of Riddle’s Jewelry, have gone a long way to providing the things we’ll need make folks feel at home when they visit our future alumni and lorganizers_web.jpgeadership center.”

The admission tickets sold out because of the outstanding work done by the ticket committee. Members of the committee included Amanda Sondeland and the staff at Brudvik Law, Bonnie Freeland, Kim Lauf, Mary Iverson, Connie Kaldor, Cleone Whelan, Debbie Hagen, Loree Stenehjem, Pam Braaten, Jennifer Kohls, Natalie Muth, Kara Schriener, Pam Soholt, Marlys Hlavinka, Sara Vaagene, Linda Baier, Cheryl Angen, and Dawn Cruff. MSU Foundation staff Michelle McLean and Meghan Derksen also assisted with the tickets.

The glimmering décor was pulled together through the creative talents of Debbie Hagen, Jennifer Kohls, Loree Stenehjem, and Gaylene Johnson. As the old song goes, “I get by with a little help from my friends.” These ladies were able to create a beautiful environment through not only their own resources, but through those borrowed from many of their friends, including Heidi Krivarchka, Kim Lauf, Toni Jacobson, Pam Soholt, Allison Krieger, and Myrna Lyng.

Additional sparkling touches to the evening included a vocal performance of “Great Love Songs” by John Klocke. Caterer Christine Holweger and her crew served up a beautifully displayed array of delicious hors d’oeuvres. A cash bar was provided by PLS.

Others who helped with various activities throughout the evening were Pam Soholt and Loree Stenehjem, who coordinated the silent auction; and Jan Klocke, who helped with tickets at the door when guests arrived. Shane Orr, Corey McGillis, and Gary Hagen manned the “Puttin’ for the Ritz” game. Annette Bakken and Bonnie Freeland watched over the Riddle’s Treasure Hunt game.