MSU President's Newspaper Column

February 13, 2021 

Ryan Hall has led Comet Athletics to new levels of success

We learned this week that our Mayville State Athletic Director Ryan Hall has taken a new position as Assistant Athletic Director of Development at Northwestern State University in Natchitoches, La. It is Ryan’s ultimate career goal to become an athletic director at a Division I school, so this move is a step in the progression to that goal. Those who know Ryan understand that he is very passionate about achieving his goals, so it is not surprising that he would make this move when the opportunity presented itself. Though we will miss Ryan and his family terribly, we wish them all the best as they embark on this new challenge and milestone in their journey of life.

Ryan and his family arrived in Mayville in July of 2018, when he began his work as the leader of Comet Athletics. During his tenure, the athletic department has experienced much success, and a great deal of that success can be attributed to Ryan’s leadership and vision, and his unwavering work ethic. In addition to leading the athletic department, Ryan has served as a member of the President’s Cabinet, my administrative team, where he has been a valued contributor. He will complete his tenure at Mayville State at the end of February.

Under Hall’s leadership, Comet athletics programs have continued to be successful and have reached new levels of success. High points include improvements in communication through the development of quarterly emails, coaches interview shows, game watch parties, and more. Student-athletes have been notably successful on and off the fields/courts. He has led Mayville State’s Student Athlete Advisory Council to a leadership position in the North Star Athletic Conference.

When Ryan arrived at Mayville State, we were in the midst of a major project, installation of artificial turf at Jerome Berg Field. A project of this magnitude is rare at Mayville State, and working together with a team of others who had responsibility for the project, Ryan did an outstanding job of overseeing and helping to coordinate the effort. The new and improved football field is something in which all of Comet Nation takes great pride, and I can’t help but think about how the legendary late Jerome Berg might be popping his buttons over what has been accomplished.

Early in his tenure, Hall inked a five-year athletics-wide brand deal with Nike and BSN Sports. This agreement has played a big role in improving the entire department. In addition, athletic facilities across the board have been improved. The Comets softball team was able to play their home games on campus for the first time in school history in 2019 when the football field was turned into a softball diamond during the spring season.

Hall hit the ground running with his innovative efforts in fundraising. Through his tenacious work, the Comet Coaches Club has grown tremendously and helped to make improvements across the board in all of Comet Athletics. Under Mr. Hall’s watch, Mayville State saw its first-ever Athletics Day of Giving. Working with the MSU Foundation staff, he has also been instrumental in helping to cultivate endowments and major gifts.

Ryan, together with a group of his friends, invented the wildly successful White Hat Club, a booster club that is supporting Comets Football. The group of alumni and friends has been instrumental in providing a huge financial boost that is helping to make a positive impact in the transformation of the Mayville State football program. In addition, Hall led the search committee that hired head football coach Rocky Larson, who has been with Mayville State for just a year and has made a huge splash that is having a ripple effect campus-wide.

Following the lead of the White Hat Club, Hall has led the charge and worked together with coaches to form booster clubs for all other MSU athletic programs. His idea in implementing these giving clubs is multi-faceted and is helping to raise funds in support of each of the sports, but also to get alumni and friends involved and connected with Mayville State.

Mayville State University and Comet Athletics have grown because of the impact Ryan Hall has made. We will always be grateful for his dedication and excellent work on behalf of the Mayville State family.

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