MSU President's Column for Traill County Tribune

February 18, 2017 

Meet the Mayville State football coaching staff


We at Mayville State University are blessed with many great colleagues. These faculty and staff members are making an impact at the university, as well as in the community and beyond. From time to time, I feature someone from the faculty or staff so that you can learn a bit more about them. A new era in Mayville State football began recently with the hiring of head football coach Sean Thom. This week I have chosen to feature Coach Thom and his staff.   


Head football coach Sean Thom comes to Mayville State from Georgia. His background includes stints as defensive coordinator as well as head football coach at high schools in Georgia and South Carolina. He also served as an assistant at Faulkner University, an NAIA school. Coach’s Thom’s goals include leading Mayville State University into a premier NAIA football institution by winning each and every day, both on and off the field. He says, “I want us to become a physical and tough football team that simply does the right thing and is disciplined.” Thom said he has enjoyed every minute of his time so far at Mayville State. “The faculty, staff, and community are phenomenal. People care about this institution and we will give back to them in our quest to make the Mayville State football team as successful as possible.”

Brian Quinn is Thom’s newly hired assistant. In addition to assisting the head coach, Quinn is coaching the quarterbacks. Coach Quinn is from Bellevue, Neb., and graduated from Concordia University in Nebraska, where he was a graduate assistant. In his new position, his goal is to get the best out of the student athletes and to be an example for these kids. He has made it his aim to always represent Mayville State University with pride and dignity. In reflecting on his time so far at Mayville State, Coach Quinn said, “Mayville State has been great. Not only am I looking forward to the future here, but I am also excited about the present.”

Rod Oksendal has been hired as the team’s offensive coordinator. In this role, he will be in charge of the offense and call the offensive plays during the games. Before coming to Mayville State, Coach Oksendahl coached high school football in North Dakota for 41 years, three years at Wyndmere, 28 years at Cavalier, and ten years at Shanley High School in Fargo. Oksendahl’s goals at Mayville State include helping the coaching staff put a team on the field that the community of Mayville and surrounding communities can be proud of, not only while they are on the field, but also when they are in the classroom and out in the public. Coach Oksendahl said, “I am impressed with how friendly and helpful the people with whom I have been in contact have been. I really appreciate how welcome they have made me feel.”

Shane Clancy is the team’s defensive coordinator and recruiting coordinator. He will be designing and implementing defensive strategies for each game and will be working with the coaching staff to develop relationships with high school coaches and recruits locally, state-wide, and nationally. Coach Clancy was born and raised in northern California. He played college ball at Northern State University in Aberdeen, S.D. He has experience in coaching both offensive and defensive groups at multiple levels of college football. Clancy’s goals at Mayville State include strengthening the North Dakota and Minnesota recruiting ties to MSU. He plans to lead a group of men on defensive who are willing to do the right things on and off the field. He aspires to put a quality product on the field that fans and alumni will enjoy watching. Coach Clancy says, “I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Mayville State. The staff and faculty are very welcoming and have allowed me to make an easy transition as a new member of the university.”

Anton Anderson is the team’s running backs coach and community outreach coordinator. In addition to coaching running backs, he’ll organize and provide community service opportunities for the team. Anton played for Mayville State for four years and is now going into his fifth year of coaching at MSU. This is his third season coaching the running backs. His goal is to provide a successful offensive scheme and a winning season at Mayville State. He wants his players to enjoy their college experience, earn their degrees, and have successful lives after college. Coach Anderson says he is happy to see Mayville State University moving in the right direction.

Jake McSpadden is a graduate assistant who works primarily with centers and guards on the offensive line. He also assists with strength and condition, recruiting, and equipment. Jake was born in Branson, Mo. and spent four years at Central Methodist University, where he graduated with a physical education degree and was a four-year starter for the Eagles. He is currently working on a master’s degree in sport administration from Arkansas State University. In his position at MSU, his goals are to gain knowledge and organizational and leadership skills that will help him in all facets of life down the road, while becoming a great football coach and leader. Coach McSpadden says, “Everyone at Mayville has welcomed me with open arms and is more than willing to help with any task at hand. I believe MSU does an exceptional job of generating enough tools for students to become successful on and off the field.”

At “The School of Personal Service,” our people are our greatest asset. We are happy that this new football coaching staff has joined us in our endeavor to provide the best possible educational experience for our students, while giving the members of the team an opportunity to play a game they love. We look forward to a new era in football at Mayville State. Please join me in welcoming Coach Thom and his staff to Mayville State University. 

Photo Caption: The Mayville State University football coaching staff. Pictured from left to right are Brian Quinn, Rod Oksendahl, Shane Clancy, head coach Sean Thom, Anton Anderson, and Jake McSpadden.