Amundson_and_Moen.jpgThe Mayville State University employee recognition banquet, held Thursday evening, April 23, 2015, was a tribute to the employees of Mayville State for their work and commitment to the university. The annual event was held at the Mayville State Campus Center Luckasen Room. All Mayville State employees and their spouses or guests were invited to attend, as were Mayville State retirees and spouses or guests. Special recognition was given to those employees who have reached milestones in years of service and those who have retired in the last year. The recipient of the Orville Johnson Meritorious Service Award was also named.

Those honored are as follows:

40 years of service – Karen Amundson and Thomas Moen.

35 years of service – Scott Berry and Marjorie Fugleberg.

15 years of service – Kristen Hanson, Shannon Hofer, Mary Trudeau, and Yvonne Ulland.

10 years of service – Carolyn Baker, Robert Bennett, Naomi Harpestad, Khwaja Hossain, and Dennis Hutter.

5 years of service – Laura Brudvik, Christine Gonnella, Dean Johnson, Robert Johnston, Sheena Moe, David Moeller, Terry Palmer, Scott Parker, Lisa Rakowski, and Sarah Sletten.

Marge Fugleberg, serials librarian and interactive video network coordinator, was named the 2015 recipient of the Orville Johnson Meritorious Service Award. This award recognizes outstanding service by members of Mayville State classified staff. 

Photo Caption: Mayville State employees Karen Amundson (left) and Tom Moen were recognized for 40 years of service at the April 23 Mayville State employee recognition banquet.