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Forty middle school students and their faculty advisors participated in the math meet held at Mayville State University on Tuesday, March 7.

March 14, 2023

Middle school students from Central Valley, Finley-Sharon, Hatton, Hope-Page, Larimore, May-Port CG, Northwood, and Thompson public schools attended a math meet hosted by the Mayville State mathematics department Tuesday, March 7, 2023. Students participated in individual and team competitions throughout the morning, had lunch, and wrapped the event up with an awards ceremony in the early afternoon.

Larimore’s Polar Bears were the team winner with a score of 276. Members of the team were Katelyn Aamodt, Kenlie Nelson, Mariah Hoverson, and Brayden Sand.

Team runners-up were the Thunder from Hatton with a score of 234. Team members Drew Iverson, Aiden Johnson, Olivia Beaudoin, and Zane Johnson.

The Valiants from Central Valley took third place in the team competition with a score of 230. Members of the team were Paityn Olson, Kaileb Johnson, Ryan Billings, and Azlynn Johnson.

Teams also participated in an interactive game of Kahoot!. Hatton took first place honors with 24,847 points, followed by Finley-Sharon with 23,855. Larimore took third place with 23,542 points.

In individual competitions, the top eighth grader was Hazel Albert from Hope-Page with a score of 63. Second place for eight-graders ended in a tie between Katelyn Aamodt from Larimore and Drew Iverson from Hatton, each with 60 points.

The top seventh grader was Brayden Sand from Larimore with 64 points. Blake Amb from May-Port CG was second with 61 points. Third place for seventh graders ended in a tie between Dominic DeFoe from Thompson and Zane Jacobson from Hatton, each with 43 points.

The finale for the day was an awards ceremony complete with prizes.

Participants were as follows:

  • Hatton - Drew Iverson, Aiden Johnson, Olivia Beaudoin, and Zane Jacobson.
  • Larimore - Katelyn Aamodt, Kenlie Nelson, Mariah Hoverson, and Brayden Sand.
  • Hope-Page - Hazel Albert, Micah Thompson, Logan Bender, and Charlie McCullough.
  • Central Valley - Paityn Olson, Kaileb Johnson, Ryan Billings, and Azlynn Johnson.
  • Thompson - Andie Schwab, Kaylee Kurz, Rylynn Kostelecky, and Dominic DeFoe.
  • Northwood - Julian Hermanson, Evan Braun, Peyton Bumgardner, and Lexus Olson.
  • May-Port CG - Danica Freeberg, Josie Mostad, Blake Amb, and Angel Holter.
  • Finley-Sharon - Nora Braaten, Lucas Rayner, Cole Braaten, and Patrick Bremer.

Coaches who accompanied their students to the math meet were Joel Foss, Hatton; Ben Jacobson, Larimore; Alex Holen, Hope-Page; Brad Nelson, Central Valley; Jake Bilden, Thompson; Christian Kvilvang, Northwood; Allison Johnson, May-Port CG; and Sarah Scheitel, Finley Sharon.

The math meet was coordinated by Mayville State University faculty members Taylor Simon, Instructor of Mathematics; Fred Strand, Associate Professor of Mathematics; and Mary Townsend, Associate Professor of Mathematics. They were assisted by Mayville State Math Club members and students currently enrolled in mathematics classes.

“We are thrilled to offer events such as this for area students,” said Mayville State University President Dr. Brian Van Horn. “It is our privilege to give young people the opportunity to test their skills and expand their knowledge in academic interest areas. Mathematics is a critical need area in our state, so a math meet is an especially appropriate activity. Thank you to our Division of Science and Mathematics faculty and students and members of the Math Club for their leadership and work that made it happen, and to the students, coaches, and school administrators who paved the way so the middle school students could participate.”