math faculty.jpgNovember 27, 2019

The Mayville State University Mathematics Department and Math Club hosted a math meet for seventh and eighth grade students Tuesday, Nov. 19. Seven teams of four students each competed in individual and team events held throughout the day. They represented Central Valley, Hatton, Hillsboro, and May-Port CG Schools.

Teams and their coaches are as follows:

Central Valley, coached by Rick Sondrol

  • Divide & Conquer - Adam Smith, Chrissy Thompson, Megan Ensign, and Lenora Larson
  • 2 Infinity & Beyond - Katie Seyfried, grading tests.jpgLandon Olson, Melanie Billings, and Jack Knudsvig

Hatton, coached by Christopher Strand

  • Π-thons - Derek Carpenter, Drew Handly, Brooklyn Galde, and Brody Johnson
  • Fl-i-ers - Aiden Reed, Spencer Boe, Alicia Foss, and Taryn Munkeby

May-Port CG, coached by Jessica Ogburn

  • The Hedgehogs - Skylar Garrett, Emma Dockter, Parker Strand, and Tatum Mehus
  • The Dolphins - Jaxon Freeberg, Rikka Edwardson, Trevor Mortenson, and Anabelle Barlar

President Van Horn.jpgHillsboro, coached by Marcus Hagness

  • Math Maniacs - Wyatt Johnson, Archer Kritzberger, Mataya Pelton, and Peyton Quam

Award Winners:

  • Team Champion - Divide & Conquer
  • Team Runner-Up - Π-thons
  • Kahoot Game Winner - 2 Infinity & Beyond
  • 7th Grade Top Scorer - Emma Dockter
  • 8th Grade Top Scorer - Adam Smith

Photo Captions:

Top: Mayville State University mathematics faculty (l-r) Fred Strand, Mary Townsend, and playing kahoot.jpgTaylor Simon coordinated the math meet for area junior high students.

Second: Student members of the Mayville State Math Club assisted the math faculty in the activities associated with the math meet on Nov. 19. Club members who participated are Evan Kritzberger, Tyler Ernst, Sarah Schietel, McKenzie Groth, and Allison Taylor.

Third: Mayville State University President Dr. Brian Van Horn greeted the area junior high school students who participated in the math meet.

Bottom: Math meet competitions included a game of Kahoot. Kahoot is a fun game-based learning platform where students use their smartphones to record answers in an interactive competition.