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Individual Winner.jpgNovember 15, 2022

The Mayville State University Mathematics Department and Math Club hosted a math meet for area high school students Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2022. Seven teams of four students each competed in individual and team events held throughout the day. They represented Central Valley, Hatton, Hillsboro, Larimore, Hope-Page, Thompson, and Northwood Public Schools.

Teams and their coaches are as follows:

Central Valley, coached by Nathan Walsh - Adam Smith, Landon Olson, Elyssa Heppner, and Hannah Kosmatka.
Hatton, coached by Christopher Strand - Beau Enger, Trvin Hins, Derek Carpenter, and Drew Handly.
Hillsboro, coached by Logan McAllister - Easton Beasler, Courtney Fieberger, Kason Buchholz, and Peter Oanes.
Faculty Advisors.jpgLarimore, coached by Ben Jacobson - Eric Hoffmann, William Stover, Kaitlyn Voorhorst, and Colin Dietzler.
Hope-Page, coached by Alex Holen - Emma Guooicks, Esther Steinke, Bobby Bergfield, and Thomas Erickson.
Thompson, coached by John Dolleslager - Shawn O’Hearn, Cameron Webber, Avry Kostelecky, and Brody Gibson.
Northwood, coached by Dane Henke - Cheyenne Tandberg, Angela Zaruba, Carson Beaudin, and Amara Howson.

Award Winners:

Team Champion - Hatton
Team 2nd Place - Central Valley
President Van Horn.jpgKahoot! Game Winner - Thompson
Kahoot! Game 2nd Place - Central Valley
Kahoot! Game 3rd Place - Larimore
Individual Champion - Adam Smith, Central Valley
Individual Second Place - Beau Enger, Hatton

Photo captions:

Top: The Hatton team came out on top in team competition at Mayville State’s math meet for high school students Nov. 8. They are pictured here with Mayville State Mathematics Department faculty members. From left to right: Taylor Simon, Fred Strand, Mary Townsend, Derek Carpenter, Beau Ener, Drew Handly, and Trevin Hins.

Second: Adam Smith was the individual winner in the high school math meet competition at Mayville State.

Third: High school math meet team coaches are pictured with the Mayville State Mathematics Department faculty. From left to right: Fred Strand (Mayville State), Alex Holen (Hope-Page), John Dolleslager (Thompson), Nathan Walsh (Central Valley), Christopher Strand (Hatton), Ben Jacobson (Larimore), Dane Henke (Northwood), Logan McAllister (Hillsboro), Mary Townsend (MSU), and Taylor Simon (MSU).

Bottom: Mayville State University President Dr. Brian Van Horn addressed those who participated in the high school math meet at Mayville State Nov. 8, encouraging them to make the most of their talents in math.