Dave Moeller.jpgMay 16, 2023

The Mayville State University employee recognition banquet, held Wednesday evening, May 3, 2023, was a tribute to the employees of Mayville State for their work and commitment to the university. The annual event was held at the Mayville State Campus Center Luckasen Room. All Mayville State employees and their guests were invited to attend, as were Mayville State retirees and their guests.

scott berry.jpgTeresa Agnes was named the 2023 recipient of the Orville Johnson Meritorious Service Award. This award recognizes outstanding service by members of Mayville State classified staff. Teresa is the administrative assistant in the Division of Education.

Aiko Hatano was recognized for her work as part of the Japan Outreach Initiative. Ann Willeson, Kelly Kornkven, and Matthew Berglund received the Association of College & University Educators and American Council on Education Certificate in Effective College Instruction.

Retirees were also recognized. Those retiring this year are David Moeller (13 years of service), Sharyl Hanson (25 years of service), and Scott Berry (43 years of service).

Sharyl Hanson.jpgSpecial recognition was given to employees who have reached milestones in years of service. Those honored are as follows:

  • 30 years of service – Cheryl Angen, Robert Miess, and Robert Sylskar;
  • 25 years of service – Wendy Hanson, Dawn Huard, Rhonda Nelson, and John Pederson;
  • 20 years of service – Gary Stordahl;
  • 15 years of service – Susan Cordahl, Lindsey Johnson, Jeremiah Moen, James Morowski, and John Peterson;
  • 10 years of service – Denise Andress, Allissa Bratager, Melissa Gehl, Sandra Knudson, Joseph Mehus, Debra O’Brien, Lonamalia Smith, Andrew Steele, William Tomblin, and Mary Townsend;
  • 5 years of service – Stacy Buchl, Thomas Craig, Matt Eastman, Bonnie Enger, Sarah Gasevic, Sarah Kallock, Michael Kjelland, Jeni Peterson, JoAnna Strand, and Carly Theis.

Photo captions

Top: Retiree Dave Moeller (right) is pictured with his supervisor, Bob Kozojed.

Middle: Retiree Sharyl Hanson (left) is pictured with her supervisor, Heather Hoyt.

Bottom: Retiree Scott Berry (right) is pictured with his supervisor and athletic Director, Jay DeCann.