This message was sent to all Mayville State faculty, staff, and students Tuesday, April 12 at 9:50 a.m.

In light of the spring storm involving our state, and in order to maximize safety and recognize the need or desire to travel for the upcoming holiday break, the Mayville State University campus will close at noon Tuesday, April 12 and open again Monday, April 18 at 8:00 a.m.

Asynchronous Remote Learning April 13 and 14

Faculty are asked to shift to asynchronous remote learning for the purpose of completing course work planned for Wednesday, April 13 and Thursday, April 14. During this time, faculty may upload lectures, give assignments, collect homework, adhere to due dates, and interact remotely without requiring synchronous attendance. Faculty will communicate specific expectations for each course with students though email or through Blackboard.  

Staff Expectations

While the campus is being closed for safety reasons, staff with the ability to work from home and who have laptops provided should bring their computers home with them so they can perform essential work, check email, respond to messages, and hold necessary meetings using Teams or Zoom. We are not expecting staff to work full days in a work-from-home manner, but we ask you to take responsibility to perform essential tasks that need to be completed. Please work with your supervisors should you need additional information or clarification. Also note that Friday, April 15 is a holiday and there is no expectation of working from home on that day.

Vice President for Business Affairs Search Listening Sessions

The Vice President for Business Affairs search listening sessions will continue as scheduled via Zoom. Links were distributed earlier this week. All are encouraged to participate.

Dining Services

Dining Services will be open throughout the weekend. Regular hours will be in effect today. Weekend hours will begin Wednesday and run through the weekend.

Grace Park Concert

The Grace Park concert that had been scheduled for this evening in the Classroom Building Auditorium will not be held. Dr. Hunter is looking into the possibility of rescheduling this concert.

Student Athletes

Student athletes should look for communication from their coaches regarding the status of their game schedules and practices.

Wellness Center

The Wellness Center will be open through the weekend.

Child Development Programs

Child Development Programs will notify families and staff of potential closures as needed. At this point, operations will remain as normal.

Monday, April 18

Monday, April 18 is a holiday for students. The campus will reopen at 8 a.m. on that day and staff are to return to campus for their regular work schedules and office hours.


If you have questions or concerns, please talk with the associated faculty member or your supervisor. While these accommodations are not perfect in all situations, it is important to keep moving forward with the remote work tools available to us while making the safety of all students, faculty, and staff a priority. Right now, it looks as though the Traill County area may not get large snowfall amounts, but nothing is certain, and the areas nearby and in the distance likely will receive snow and ice, and in some cases lots of snow. Before choosing to travel, be sure to check the weather forecasts and weather and road condition maps, and consult with others who are at your planned destination, so you can make an informed decision. Do not take unnecessary risks. Please respect the severity of this storm and be safe!