May 30, 2021

The public is invited to learn about the mosquito research Mayville State University students have been conducting during the last year. An open forum will be held Monday, June 7, beginning at 5 p.m. in the Campus Center Luckasen Room. Attendees should park in the parking lot located just west of the Campus Center. All are welcome.

Mayville State University research students have been actively studying mosquitoes found within Mayville-Portland and surrounding sites in Traill County. The June 7 event will include a discussion panel and information session that will provide insight on the mosquito research findings, as well as mosquito population data and dynamics.

Topics that will be covered during the forum include the reason to study mosquitoes, which mosquito species have been identified, what trends have been seen in mosquito numbers through the summer, and the influences on mosquito population numbers. Those who attend the public forum will also learn about what the Mayville State mosquito researchers intend to do next.

“We invite community members, mosquito abatement groups, and anyone who just wants to know more about mosquitoes to join us on June 7,” said Dr. Joseph Mehus, chair of the Mayville State Division of Science and Mathematics, associate professor of biology, and INBRE researcher.