MSU President's Newspaper Column

February 10, 2024 

Mayville State Criminal Justice Program begins in the fall, scholarships available

We’re very happy to announce that Mayville State has added a new program in criminal justice. This is a very popular interest area. We often hear from prospective students who would like to pursue a degree in criminal justice. Classes related to the program will be available for enrollment starting in the Fall Semester of 2024. To accommodate those who may need flexible options, the program is available on campus and online.

The Criminal Justice and Safety Studies bachelor’s degree program includes both a major and a minor in criminal justice. Students will be prepared for careers in various aspects of the criminal justice system and safety management. Through theoretical knowledge and practical skills, graduates will be provided with the tools needed to make a positive community impact.

Common career opportunities for individuals with degrees in criminal justice include detective and criminal investigator, emergency management coordinator, Homeland Security specialist, compliance officer, crime analyst, police officer, probation officer, legal assistant, and policy analyst.

Core coursework within the major will develop student knowledge in criminal law and procedures, policing, and law enforcement, corrections, and rehabilitation, criminal justice ethics and diversity, and safety and security management. Students will complete an internship in a related career area or complete the Peace Officer Training Certificate through Lake Region State College (LRSC). There will be additional collaboration with Minot State University for online course offerings. We’re proud to be collaborating with LRSC and Minot State in this endeavor.

Students may elect to pursue further education by pursuing graduate degrees in criminal justice, public policy, law, or related fields.

To help students who wish to pursue the criminal justice program at Mayville State University, an anonymous donor is providing several substantial scholarships for criminal justice students who enroll in the Fall Semester of 2024. More information about these scholarships will be available soon.

In addition to criminal justice scholarships, new first-year and transfer students at Mayville State University are eligible to receive Honor Scholarships. Scholarship awards are based on grade point average and range from $500 to $8,000. Learn more about the Honor Scholarship Program at Mayville State University at

Learn more about the Criminal Justice Program at Mayville State University at To learn more about enrolling at Mayville State University and the scholarship opportunities available, contact the Enrollment Center at or 701-788-4842.

Speaking of scholarships, high school students who attend the Division A Region 2 girls and boys high school basketball tournaments at Mayville State’s Lewy Lee Fieldhouse February 19, 20, 22, and 24, and March 4, 5, and 7 will have a chance to win one of two $500 scholarships that will be awarded each night. Interested students may stop by Mayville State’s table that will be set up in the lobby to get their names into the drawing.

We are excited about all the great new opportunities for students at Mayville State University. From new programs to scholarships, we are working hard to provide options that will not only help individuals in pursuit of successful futures, but also assist with the workforce needs of North Dakota. Mayville State University offers a fantastic educational experience for a great value and the additional bonus of our brand of personal service that sets us apart.